June 4, 2014

I Is Writer!

I thought I would give everyone a fighting chance to mock me today. Why? Because I'm about to enlighten you about a magic mysterious phantasmagorical stupendously incredible tale of woe, the likes of which you've never ever ever ever heard before on this blog!

Feast your eyes! Feast your ears! Feast on the smiling little bunny rabbit, the wisecracking duck and the ever-so-fat milquetoast of a pig what's sitting there at your feet, along with a dish of fava beans and a fine chianti.


To quote the young lady wot made my avatar that you see today, "Not!"

And now that we have efficiently and succinctly allowed our whimsy to roam this blog for the past 15 seconds or so, we now grab it by the scruff of the neck and gently carry it over to the orchestra pit and slam dunk it into the bell of the tuba.

Exit our hero through the front door, stage right.

Well, maybe I should perhaps take hold of some nutritious nutrients to start my day off proper, because quite frankly, the last time I looked like that was when I munching down some good old fashion Ritalin. Now that, is truly yummy.
Anywho, today's post was brought to you today by the letter "E", which in this case stands for Epiphany. Epiphany is what we had the other day while I was writing Monday's post. Ya see, one of the things about sound that I forgot to mention is that it allows me to really empty my brain just enough so that I can work on a solution to a given problem, which in this case was my writing.

I actually had a woe-is-me writing post partially written last week, which was due to the fact that no writing was being performed by yours truly. However, while I was writing Monday's post last weekend, the epiphany I had was this: why not dig out another medium length story and work on that for a while.

Which is what I did. I dug out a medium length (about 25k) story that I wrote during my flash fiction phase of 2009-10 that I was overly fond of. Specifically, the plot but not the execution. The basic plot is about a writer who keeps getting interrupted whenever he sits down to write a story. The overall story contains 5 partially written short stories.

So what I decided to do is to cut out the 5 partially written short stories (these were snippets of stories ranging from a couple of paragraphs to three pages in length that I started but never finished), dig out three decent short stories that I wrote during my flash fiction heyday, tweak those and add them into the main story.

How motivated am I to do this? Sunday I went out and bought a 25 foot extension cord and mini-surge protector, so that I can take my old XP computer outside on the weekends and work on those three short stories and the main story. So far, I have one story that is two-thirds rewritten, with the other two waiting in the on-deck circle to be cosmetically enhanced.

The main goal is to have yet another novella at the ready for self-publishing. I have two, and with this one, I will once again be able to take my time in figuring out what I want to work on next. And if you think about it, that is my personal bottom line.

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Cool that you dug out an old story to revise. Or rewrite. Either way works.
    Too hot to sit outside to write here, so I envy you that.
    Anytime you feel insecure about it, feel free to join us for IWSG day.

  2. Alex: I got quite a few decent old stories that I completed in which could use a good reboot.

    I'm fortunate enough that even on the hottest days, the shadow of the mountain can cool me off.

  3. Working outside will probably give you a whole different perspective - plus all that fresh air...

  4. Lynn: It definitely does give me that different perspective. And the fresh air and pleasant scenery is a fantastic bonus too.

    M: Thanks.

    I have them every once in a great while. :D

  5. I totally just LOL'ed at your image of slam-dunking someone into the bell of a tuba. That was AWESOME.

  6. S.R.: Thankee.

    I'm glad I could be of service to you today. :D


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