April 5, 2017

IWSG 18:Life Indeed Does Go On

Greetings and Salutations to one and all!

In the midst of early Spring and the fantabulous A-Z Challenge 2.017 edition, we have the monthly IWSG post, of which I am very glad to be part of.

As promised a few weeks ago, I am still participating in the monthly IWSG thingy (for lack of a better word to describe it), but it seems that the optional question presented for everyone this month really doesn't do it for me, since I was a one and done (2014) participant in the A-Z Challenge.

But, a promise is a promise and if you can't keep your word, then what good are you really? So, the old college try give we shall.

My lament today is one that has always been with me since the 2nd half of the previous decade, which is production. Some people can churn quality product at a rate that does boggle my mind (publishes a minimum 2 books per year), and some move at a steady pace with their quality product (1 book or less per year). Me? I fall somewhere just south of the latter, in that I move a snail's pace with my writing.

Whereas some people's leisurely pace is due to other commitments, my leisurely pace is due to a more insidious reason: genetics.

Yes, genetics. Genetics has cursed me with a malady that causes the muscles in my hands to atrophy, the nerves in my fingers go dead, and extremely painful hand fatigue kicks in. The end result of God's handiwork is that my output is roughly two completed page per weekend. Yes, you read correctly: two pages per weekend. While I do chip away with a few sentences here and there, the bulk of what I write takes place on the weekend, when I'm sufficiently recovered from work.

The one important change that I had to make for my writing was the addition of a plug-in keyboard for my laptop. As my hands could no longer comfortably use the original, I was left with no other alternative than to use a plug-in, which fortunately for me and my XP computer, works.

So while I may have a lot of insecurities with my writing, the one constant has been the gradual lack of dexterity for typing. And while I do use voice software for work, I have a ginormous mental block when it comes to writing fiction.

But, as they say, life indeed does go on. Have a sparkly Prince Spaghetti day and thanks for stopping by!

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