July 27, 2016

A Cooper Barrel In The Town

As per the normal, except for last week, 'cause ya know, I am me, here's a fresh yet highly aromatic post from I Are Writer!, and you know you just wanna be the one who knows what's what with what with my writing.

Road Trip 2016 continues with day the 2nd: slightly below mid-state New York.

So while we was having morning eats at Burger King I studied the handy dandy Rand McNally to see what non-highway driving we could do.

A couple of points I should make clear before I continues:

  1. We budgeted $45 per day for meals, and yes, we were able to do a few sit downs during the trip and even did take out from the local supermarket.
  2. We also budgeted $75 per night for lodging, and except for the beginning and ending price gouges ($125 & $142), we were able to either stay at budget or under budget, and with money saved, was able to go slightly over budget. Those hotel/motel coupon books that you find at the various highway rest areas come in handy.
 I am a very firm believer in road maps. I actually enjoy reading road atlases, and using a atlas on this trip came in very handy for daily/hourly plotting of the driver. After perusing the Rand McNally, I discovered that NY 7 hopscotched I-81 all the way down to Cooperstown. What I mean by hopscotch is that the road in period intervals would cross the interstate, thus giving the driver an opportunity to hop back on the freeway to experience the best dull driving (among other things) that money can buy.

So, after devouring our very HEALTHY fast food breakfast of a sausage crossanwich, hash brown tater tots and coffee, we done hopped into the car and sped through downtown Cobbleskill (road under construction, which became a common theme on this trip) through the great New York countryside.

Seriously, New York does have a fantastic countryside. Great slice of rural America. Speed limit for the most part was 50, until you approached a small town, then it dropped to 40, then 30, then 25, they you drove through, blinked a few times until you got to the other side, then got back up to cruising speed.

I won't bore you with the details of the endless amount of regular farms, dairy farms, horse farms and farmer in the dells, but it was a seriously relaxing and peaceful drive.

July 20, 2016


It's a beautiful day in Mr. Robinson's neighborhood. Would you be mine, could you be mine, won't you be my personal servant who waits on me hand and foot? Purty please?

Silliness aside, I are now semi-comfortably back in the old homestead. The cows have been slaughtered for fresh Sir Loin of Beef, the goats have been let loose on the back forty, and those nasty little tofu chunks have left the building.

Free form silliness aside, I had a delightful week that featured the usual cast of actual smart folks (my co-workers), super smart folks (the mentally midgets inept I do payroll for), and the wickedly smart forks (Humane Resources). My co-workers came through with flying colors for my payrolls and the stress I thought would be there when I got back, weren't.

This weekend was good, in that I visited the annual town festival for the first time since I tried to get a booth to hawk this book (of which copies are still available for purchase here):

Book Trailer
And even saw a mini-clone of The Westboro Baptist Church protesting for some seriously unknown reason in a prime downtown location.

July 13, 2016

I Are Back And.....What Is Life Really All About?

Greetings and Salutations to one and all! I are back! Better and badder than ever!

Yowza, Yowza, Yowza!

Howdy do! I have returned from my hiatus, or rather I should say my vacation, somewhat refreshed and recharged. For those of you who might have missed my response to Arlee Bird's comment on a post from three weeks ago, I was on vacation. I started prepping the week of June 26th and left on July 2nd.

The main stop on the road trip was Cooperstown, NY to check the Baseball Hall Of Fame. That was followed by the mother-in-law of all road trips, in which we drove 1967.2 miles round trip and visited in the following order: Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut.

I'll talk more about the road trip in the coming weeks, but I want to leave you with a few impressions that were made onto me during my vaca:

  1. No matter what Golden Arches you may visit in these 50 States, you will always find a group of men above the age of 55 gossiping.
  2. Cigarettes are roughly 50% off the list price for cigs in Connecticut (roughly $10 per pack here).
  3. Shell gas stations are beyond a shadow of a doubt, the scuzziest, slimiest, filthiest places that I've ever had the misfortune of stopping at.
  4. Even when the speed limit is 75, people still sped.
Now, onto other things.

July 6, 2016

Still The Untitled Post

Still chilling and decompressing away from the 'Net. One might say that I'm enjoying a much needed holiday getting to know myself again, so to speak.

So, I leave you with a video blast from the past in the form of a Rube Goldberg machine. Enjoy!

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