September 28, 2015

I Are Not Here Too

Time now for the medical portion of Father Nature's Corner. For those of you who can't stand the thought of descriptive medical fun, you can skip the next few paragraphs, but be sure come back for the last, because just like Kermit The Frog, we have a late breaking news story.

Two weeks ago, I had willingly participated in part one of laser surgery for my one and only eye. Two hours of fun that surrounded 15 minutes with of pain and aggravation, which was soon followed by a day off with more pain that you could possibly shake a stick at. We followed that up by going back to work like a dolt the next day, only to suffer from a pain that could be described as, "stupid you, for going back to work early, now you're gonna pay for it."

Fast forward to now.

Now is pre-op, as in we scheduled a vacation day right after the surgery day, so I can spend the day wallowing in the beautiful Indian Summer and most importantly, not turn into a big baby pain in the ass for my wife.

Which brings us to the point of this post: I will once again go on a short cyber hiatus. My scheduled return date to the blog world is Wednesday night, although I will spend those off days making brief appearances on Facebook to post a few more travelouge pics from Brazil (got a few already, but you know me, I'm a stickler for actually identifying the people in the pic so as to give a proper credit), so as to pump up sales or at the very least get me some hits on my Amazon page. And like before, the comments will be hanging ten until Wednesday night.

In the meantime, enjoy this musical interlude by the ska/rock band The Hippos with the song "Paulina" (if you can find the c.d., by all means, please check it out, 'cause it really rocks).

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September 24, 2015

Life: It's A Box Car!

Sometimes, when you got nuttin' to blog about, you simply fall back on the tried and true, and hope for the best.

Poppy Culture and The Written Word.

Poppy Culture:

I listen to some truly strange music, especially artists who I consider to be my secret musical crush. You know, those artists that you love to listen to yet if anyone knew you actually listened to them, you be hoisted up a flag pole with a turban wedgie.

One of my secret musical crushes:

The Written Word:

Let's see, let's see, let's see. Ah yes, the written word. Well sir (or ma'am), it's like this. Haven't done any new writing this week 'cause work has been a major female of the canine species. Yes, I know, an unclean choice of words, but ya know, I do respect all my readers of both sexes, and while using THAT WORD in a story could be appropriate from time to time, using THAT WORD in a blog post that's located on a high end PG-13 blog would be inappropriate. So, we used an euphemism instead. I'm hoping to do some writing this weekend or early next week while I'm recovering from session #2 of eye surgery.

In other exciting news, I'm Kindlizing these:

I'm hoping to get them back later this week, so I can get them primed for an October 1st release. In the meantime, if print is your bag, please check out my Amazon page or my book blog for details.

In related news, a good friend from high school, who I reconnected with on Facebook (see, it's good for sumthin'), bought a couple of copies of the aforementioned books to take with him on his trip to Brazil. He also offered to do a travelogue with them, like the Travelocity gnome, and post the pictures on my FB page. So here is the first pic of A Taste Of Pain hanging ten at the Orlando airport.

Pretty cool, eh?

More pics featuring my books hanging ten with cool people at cool places in Brazil coming soon to Facebook, and quite possibly the blog world as well.

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September 21, 2015

Life: It's A Little Joe!

Got too much crappola happening these days to properly triangulate a good post, but it's a Moanday (yes, yes, yes, OMG, yes!), so I needs to come up with something mildly entertaining.

First, a seriously short update on things:

1} Sent my books to be Kindled, so look for an announcement in October about it.
2} Added another 550 words to my latest epic non-fail.
3} Son turned 23 (23!) yesterday. Is finally realizing that as a guy, you will only win the battles with the girlfriend that she lets you win.
4} Work is work. To read an extended rant about it, please check my Tumblr blog.

Now, onto bigger and better things.

Once again, we uploaded yet another wickedly short and positively sleep inducing or mind settling video for your enjoyment. This one, like this one here, is of the same group of feathered friends that we shot over the July 4th holiday. And like the other, is about a minute long. Enjoy!

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September 17, 2015

I Are Back

Like the title says, I are back (running gag at my house) and I bring tidings of Emerson, Lake & Palmer to serenade you for the few minutes that it takes you to read this fun-filled no action packed (like a John Mellencamp film) post.

I'm recovering somewhat slowly from session #1 of laser surgery. Not to gross anyone out too much, but I'm having some unwanted blood vessels (diabetes related) removed so as to keep my vision where it's at now for as long as possible. I won't bore you with the details but suffice to say, it's not something I would highly recommend to anyone to have done, either voluntarily or involuntarily,

Now, on to other things. Over the past weekend, I did a little writing (ummm, yah.) and some reading. I also got two books from the library, one fiction and one non-fiction.

First the fiction.

A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron (ye of 8 Simple Rules, one of my fav network shows). This one I picked up because my public library has one of his latest, and since I'm naturally hardwired weirdly, I decided that I needed to read the first dog oriented book that he wrote. If you like stories about dogs and if you're deeply interested in the concept of reincarnation, then this book is for you. Simply put, this is like the canine equivalent of the Robin Williams movie The Bicentennial Man. I'm normally not a fan of light fluffy fiction, but this book really struck home with me. I laughed, teared up and ultimately walked away a very satisfied reader. Get this book, because it'll do you good.

Second, the non-fiction.

Anger Is An Energy by John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten). I like John Lydon and some of his music (Sex Pistols and PiL), and even read his autobiography years ago. However, I did not know that his latest was an updated autobio until I got about one chapter in. I'm not a big fan of well known people who write more than one autobio, since to me it only means that they're looking for a couple of extra bucks. I did not finish reading this book and in fact, stopped about halfway through chapter 2.

My opinion of John Lydon's autobio's is this: If you didn't read the first that came out in '08, then by all means read this one. It covers a bit more ground than the first and seems like it would be a very enjoyable read (publisher has a weird warning in the beginning that basically says minimal editing was done). If you read the first, don't bother reading the second, because the only new stuff in the book covers the years of '08 thru '14.

Thirdly, the writing.

I spent my hiatus: tail end of Monday once my eyes started going back to normal late in the evening and Tuesday, chipping away at my latest project. I decided that it would be much, much easier to peck away on the keyboard, as opposed to writing it out by hand, simply because once again, I have a 99% completed manuscript to play with. Chopped one head-scratching scene and properly loosened multiple paragraphs so that the story actually flows and makes sense. At the moment, I have a shade over 4K words written (about 6 1/2 pages) so far, and the plan is to keep chipping away on this in the late evenings when I have some free time to play with.

And that, my friends, is my new plan of attack, which of course is subject to change whenever the mood strikes me. Tune in next week when you'll hear G.B. say, "Oh my God! Not her!"

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September 14, 2015

I Are Not Here

That's right folks, I are not here today. In fact, I will be taking a very short hiatus, which is directly due to having the first of two non-cosmetic laser surgeries performed on my eye. I will be more or less, blind as a activist that believes that only one certain type of life matters and everyone else is cannon fodder.

With that cheery thought leaving a bitter taste on the tongue (much like Jenner getting blowback because Jenner doesn't believe in gay marriage on the tongues of Hollywood gay rights activists), I leave you with one of my favorite bluegrass songs from one of my favorite bluegrass shows, which can be found on WWUH.

I shall see (hopefully) everyone on Thursday. Also, comments won't be processed until Wednesday night, so don't be alarmed if you don't see anything for verbiage.

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September 10, 2015

Continuing On A Theme

Labor Day.

A time to reflect on what it means to be a worker bee in the screwed up world of 2015.

Take two.

Got bored on Labor Day 'cause you know, I gets bored on a holiday. Went for a bike ride around town. With video camera. Took photos like this:

Then rode around a little more and took photos like this:

Rode around a little more, one handed yet, and took photos like this:

Then rode around a tiny bit more, and took bad videos like this:

The Dullest Video Ever Filmed! 

My very first publicly posted YouTube video. This is what happens when you're bored and have no idea on what topic to write about. I have 3 other excruciatingly dull videos that I will upload for you-know-what and giggles that I had shot during my Labor Day bike ride.

Happiness is creativity in action!

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September 7, 2015

Eye Gots My Eyes On Yous!

Yes, there comes a time when the world seems so self-centered that you want to simply yell at the top of your lungs, "THIS SUCKS MAJOR MOOSE TESTICLES." However, that feeling soon goes away, and you're left with this:

 What? I've got my eyes on you? I'm not petrified, I'm just stoked on 15 cups of double shot espressos!

 Look seriously deep into the eyes that have eyes on you. You're getting sleepy, sleepy, sleepy...oh, nevermind, my eyes are much better than yours.

 My eyes are on you, my loyal peasants! I am queen of all you survey, so you better pay attention!

What? Oh yeah, sure, my eyes are on you. And they're not on this mouth watering, lipsmacking 110% pure beef weenie! No sir. Ummmm...pass the mustard please.

Go away! Just go! I mean it! Leave me alone! Now!

I'm all seeing, all knowing, and now you know what I look like eight and a half years later. I also got my eyes on you, and hey, you stop drinking that kegger, it's way too early in the day to get sloshed. I don't care if you need to tie one on to make it through your day as a driving instructor. And by the way, Happy Monday!

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September 4, 2015

But Wait! Intolerance Is Alive And Well On FB

As most of you know, I rarely let real world issues bleed into my blog. I like my blog to be a little escapism from the trials and tribulations of the day. Sometimes though, I'll come across something that, to quote Frank Burns, "Tightens my colon.", and rather vent about it on FB, where rational thought often goes MIA while bullying marches on, I'll vent about it here.

For those of you who have may been out of the country, whether on vacation or living, there has been a big brew-ha-ha in Kentucky involving a county clerk, marriage licenses and the Federal court system. As you read this post, the county clerk in question has been whiling her hours behind bars for contempt of court.

I won't bore you with the gruesome details, but rest assured that the S.O.P. has been applied here:

1) lawsuits;
2) death threats;
3) judicial threats; and
4) the proverbial chaos that follows due to the involuntary forcing down the collective throat of the American public of something that, believe it or not, not everyone fully supports.

My beef, as always when it comes to gay marriage, is the distinct lack of tolerance by those who profess tolerance and/or equality for all shown to those who have differing opinions than of what the militant left has (I won't go Curt Schilling on anyone just yet)

Whether you agree or disagree about gay marriage isn't really the issue. The issue here is the simply lack of tolerance for civil disobedience. Unlike in the judicial world or the militant world of the left, there are no absolutes in life. If a person feels strongly about a law that they consider unjust, they practice disobedience. Some who practice civil disobedience that the militant left approves of (offshore drilling, fracking, letting the EPA run amuck), gets applauded and slapped on the back.

Those who practice civil disobedience should be respected for standing up for a principle, not mocked and denigrated. Does it really matter what she did in the past or what she is now? Should it matter?

The more people on the militant left hyperventilate and rage about it not being about religious beliefs, the more people are going to dig in their heels and the more volatile the issue is going to become. Civil disobedience is not going to go away, in spite of what the militant left, their co-horts in the legislature and their co-horts on the bench may say.

And that, my friends, is my five cents on this issue.

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September 2, 2015

IWSG #13: A Baker's Dozen Worth Of Fun!

Insecure are ya?
Need a shoulder to cry on, do ya?
Lookin' for like minded peoples to share your misery with, do ya?
Well my friends, ya come to the write place, 'cause I's is one of yous!

I's have two big shoulders to cry on! I's a like minded peoples that you can shares your miseries with! Most importantly, I's just as insecure as yous!

It's funny how writing, or in my case rewriting, a story that you're gung-ho about can actually make you feel seriously insecure, not to mention putting you in the proverbial blow-your-brain-out-of-the-cerebral-fluid-bath phrase of "write, or edit?"

Up until very recently, I've been chipping away at re-writing this nifty self-pubbed novlla. I've actually been quite gung-ho about re-writing this, 'cause just like Hollywood's long string of bad remakes, I too have the original to play with. But something suddenly popped up to make things go slug nutty. For a seriously long yet somewhat informative post, please click here. Please note, this goes directly to my adult blog, so you'll have to answer the proverbial yes I do, no I don't question. I posted it there partly because I didn't want to do it on Tumblr and partly because the monthly IWSG post should be short and to the point. Trust me, I will not become offended if you don't want to go there.

So to give everyone a two-fer, here is my other insecurity: Doing Kindle with my e-books.

I saw a nifty article a couple of weeks ago in a blog called The Passive Voice about maximizing your exposure. It suggests, somewhat persuasively, to use at least two platforms for your e-books, Smashwords & Kindle. Now I did look into this and did some basic research with the two websites that I do business with, and the additional outlay to do my last two books for Kindle is $50.

I've been giving this a lot of thought, and while I'm leaning very strong towards doing this, I'm also very leery in getting sucked into any of the other Kindle programs that require exclusivity by mistake. I actually like being on Smashwords with my e-books and I'm very intrigued about doing Kindle, but I'm worried about making a mistake that would take me forever to dig out from.

So that is my two-fer for insecurities for the month of September. How 'bout you? Gone through something similar with either the first insecurity or with the second?

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