September 7, 2015

Eye Gots My Eyes On Yous!

Yes, there comes a time when the world seems so self-centered that you want to simply yell at the top of your lungs, "THIS SUCKS MAJOR MOOSE TESTICLES." However, that feeling soon goes away, and you're left with this:

 What? I've got my eyes on you? I'm not petrified, I'm just stoked on 15 cups of double shot espressos!

 Look seriously deep into the eyes that have eyes on you. You're getting sleepy, sleepy, sleepy...oh, nevermind, my eyes are much better than yours.

 My eyes are on you, my loyal peasants! I am queen of all you survey, so you better pay attention!

What? Oh yeah, sure, my eyes are on you. And they're not on this mouth watering, lipsmacking 110% pure beef weenie! No sir. Ummmm...pass the mustard please.

Go away! Just go! I mean it! Leave me alone! Now!

I'm all seeing, all knowing, and now you know what I look like eight and a half years later. I also got my eyes on you, and hey, you stop drinking that kegger, it's way too early in the day to get sloshed. I don't care if you need to tie one on to make it through your day as a driving instructor. And by the way, Happy Monday!

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  1. Pooh is really eyeing that beef weenier.
    Hope you have a great Labor Day!

  2. I don't think I've ever heard a less appetizing nickname for a hot dog than "beef weenie". Oh, wait, I have: "street meat". :-p

    1. Ya know, after I wrote it, I immediately thought of the salacious double meaning of the word. :D

  3. I'm on Tuesday n TG it's a vaca day after that work-holiday-week-end nightmare!
    Red Bull please...

    Liked this, quite entertaining!

    1. Here ya go! One king size Red Bull for the little lady!

  4. Pooh Bear looks like he's had a few too many!


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