June 24, 2014

Wired Differently Am I

I never truly realized just how differently I'm wired when it comes to writing until I started going through an old longish (19 page) short story that I'm currently rewriting using my Dragon voice software. I was refreshing my short term memory on what it was I exactly wrote the other day when I started reading the few short story snippets that were peppered within the overall story, as well as skimming through the various sections of the overall story as well, and I came to the delightful conclusion that my writing is somewhat on the darkishly funny side, aka black humor.

Basically, the plot of the story is that a writer (original name of Georgie) took a day off from work to do a little writing. I originally created the story of a writer writing because I had a bunch of short story snippets (4 short snippets, ranging from a couple of paragraphs to about 4 pages in length) that were gathering dust on my hard drive and I wanted to get rid of them, so to speak.

Anywho, the opening paragraphs kind of sets the tone for the rest of the story. To whit:

1} Georgie's job is unspecified, but...
2} Georgie's wife is a debt collector;
3} Georgie's kids are going to school to become street hustlers;
4} Georgie's mother is a typical senior citizen who spends days at the casino.

The story itself chronicles a day in the life of Georgie as he attempts to do some writing but keeps suffering from people interruptus whenever he gets on a roll with his writing. All of the snippets featured within the story are uniformly black, with one being NC-17 (yes, I was writing that kind of stuff way back when this was originally written in '09).

Anyways, I want to share with you a snippet of a story, all of two paragraphs in length, that basically solidifies my personal opinion of being wired differently than everyone else, mostly because I found this snippet wickedly funny. I may keep this snippet, if only it blends perfectly with what follows next. Hope you like.

Al never really got used to the sound of metal on flesh, and he sure as hell wasn't used to the smell of hot oil burning through bone and meat, the way it soaked through his clothes and skin. The way it made taste everything gnarly and disgusting. He never got used to any of that stuff, but he dealt with it to the best of his ability.

The one thing that he never got used to, and in fact was the main reason why got he got shitfaced every night, were the screams. Sometimes loud, sometimes staccato, sometimes wordless, they nevertheless had one thing depressingly in common: they all met their Lord Savior in the end. No matter what he tried to do to kill the sound, whether it was wearing earplugs or airport style earmuffs, the screams still managed to penetrate his brain.

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Yup, that's dark and twisted. Maybe he needs to gag his victims?

  2. Alex: I would think so.

    Sad part is that this is the entire story. I only got as far as those paragraphs when the words suddenly dried up.

  3. I've just read Alex's comment - lol
    I was going to say .... poor Al !!!!

  4. Have you thought about finishing the story?

  5. Let's not be meeting Al in a dark alley.

  6. Fil: Yes indeed, poor Alex. Makes me wonder what he is to the victims.

    M: Thanks for the enthusiastic vote. :D

    Lynn: To be honest with you and everyone else, all the incomplete stories have been off my radar for the past five years. I probably could finish it somewhere in the future, but it's such a great opening that the rest of it might not live up to it.

  7. Yup, that's different all right. It doesn't tickle my funny bone, but that's how humour works. It's not exactly the same for any two people.

  8. This snippet does seem a bit--er, warped? Strange?

    Not my normal cup of tea, but then again I'm typically a coffee drinker. I do drink tea when I'm feeling a bit sick. Hmmm.

    ; A Faraway View

  9. Arlee: At various times in the past half dozen years, I've written some truly weird stuff, and this is no exception.

    Maybe it's because I've been secretly influenced by reading true crime all these decades.

    I don't drink coffee much, unless its in the winter time and from Starbucks, which probably could explain a lot of things....

  10. Inside the mind of a serial killer. Warped and twisted, yes, but absolutely gripping! I would read this book. ☺

  11. Debbie: Thanks, but alas, there is no book connected to it. 'Twas just a snippet that kind of petered out after a couple of paragraphs.

  12. Too bad! Could have been a best seller. ☺


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