June 16, 2014

A C.M. Classic: Post #106

Time now, for the redundant portion of Father Nature's Corner, where we produce another post in the occasional series entitled "Cedar's Mountain's Classics", in which we take an old post from the original five year odyssey that was my first blog and retool, revamp, regurgitate, reactivate and simply reanimate to something new and shallow.
The Cedar's Mountain post in question today is entitled, Hey Hon, How About We Take This Exit?

Back in the day when I had first started writing my blog, I came down with a good old fashioned lethal overdose of OCD. Which basically meant that I would post twice a day every other day. Which meant that I would post 8 to 10 posts a week. Which meant that in no short order, my brain was milquetoasty to a golden pale finish. Which meant that I was putting pedal through metal until we were hot roddin' like Fred Flintstone, which is not be to confused with an early Gary Doonesbury character called Phred Phred.

Which meant that ultimately we suffered from the following malady.


Now I'm like most people in this particular respect, in that I react very negatively/wickedly abnormal to burnout. Sometimes I can get so Swiss Cheesed that I often wind up like this:

And I don't even drink beer, but if I did, it certainly wouldn't be the jester of beers that's for sure. Other times, my brain doesn't become that Swiss Cheesed (which in and of itself, is a dandy cheese), but certainly it does become a bit macadamia, which I then look like this:

That's right, I's a manly man of a football player. No sissy metal helmets for me. No siree Bob! I takes the hits to the head with a frequency that only Mick Foley would endure. Still, there are times when the iron frying pan gets just a tad too hot for comfort. Then we definitely wind up doing this.

Or in the absolute worst case scenario, I do this to myself:

So remember kids, do try this at home, because you know popping that stress release valve is so important to one's sanity and well being.

Oh and, just one more thing: Phase #2 was going from twice a day every other day to once a day every other day. That lasted for about a couple of years. So yeah, it was definitely junkie time during those early blog years.

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Twice a day? Wow, that's insane! We got burned out just posting twice a week. The thought of posting twice a day makes me want to peel my eyes out with plastic sporks. Good on ya for scaling it back.

  2. ABFtS: Like I said, I would go to the extreme with my posting. I pretty much do anything new like that. And more often than not, would pay a heavy price for it.

  3. I had to scale back to once a week so I wouldn't go nuts, especially after the A to Z Challenge. Come this fall I'll probably go back to twice a week, but happy with one now.

  4. Alex: I took a cue from fellow blogger Lynn who has a nifty blog called "Good Things Happened" and dropped down to three days a week. If the real world interferes too much, I will often drop down to two and usually will let my readers know about it.

  5. M: Yeah, I was a bit nutty, but only due to the fact that whenever I start a new endeavor I always go whole hog in doing so.

    Sad really, if you think about it.

  6. G.A.: Which is the perfect way to go. :D


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