June 11, 2014

What Moves You To Blog?

While I was motivating around my other blog the other day looking for a particular post that I could refer to for a potential post about darkness, I decided to explore the tag called Music. The main reason for doing so was incredibly basic: I was striking out like Stormin' Gorman Thomas in trying to ascertain just exactly where that post was, but I knew it had something to do with music

So I clicked on the Music tag and seconds later, 67 well written and well thought out posts popped in my screen. Sighing very hard because I had my work cut out for me (if you have to ask why, then please, return to scoffing down that triple shot espresso and come back to me when you're bouncing off the wall like a super ball), I proceeded to slouch down in my seat, pry open my eyelids with a couple of toothpicks, and to quote Aunt Bee, get to it.

About a half hour later, after reading and/or skimming through approximately 77% of the posts, I found the one that I wanted. A four year old post that was part of a series about my c.d. rack. Anyways, today's post isn't about that particular post (although in the future I will link to it), today's post is about what moves me to blog.

96% of the time when I blog, I'm blogging about topics that interest me. Long time readers of my other blog know that my interests are as varied as they are eclectic (starting 5 other blogs, including this one, explains it all in a nutshell), which is why I would like to think that they keep coming back for more. 2% of the time when I blog, I'm blogging to fill up space. Let's face it, from time to time we have experienced/participated in the concept of phoning it in, and frankly it's nothing to be ashamed of.

The remaining 2% of the time when I blog, I blog about topics that I'm exceptionally passionate about. Music is one of those topics that I'm passionate about.

Now I'm not one of those kind of music devotees that go super deep within the music scene (i.e. music blogger or performer), but more like a slight cut above the casual listener when it comes to writing about music. I write about I like, what I don't like, my current tastes, my former tastes and everything else in between when it comes to be a listener of music.

And that passion for that little slice of the music world, in my humble opinion, has produced some of my best blog writing in the past 6 years. Just about all I have written about music has come from personal experiences, either as a child, a teenager and as an adult (had a few co-workers and friends who have opened my eyes over the years too) or from personal observations about what other people have to say about music.

Writing about music is something that I feel very strong about and it's a topic that not only do I have no problems in offering my opinion on, but I have no qualms in letting people know what I like listening to (Olivia Newton-John) from time to time.

So my question to you is this: what particular topic above all else elevates your blog writing to another level?

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  1. This year weather has been my main starter- but really, I think the previous "Rypos" n "Words are Key", are the most fun for Blog-trippers, (according to stats).
    I have the weird, altered image thing no one else does, n I'm addicted to it now- Then there's the poems written to the images here n there. I've got a conglomeration of stuff that was totally unplanned!

  2. I used to write intense musical articles for newspapers in my younger years, now I don't. Not because music isn't something I'm still passionate about but other topics seem to get me fired up more these days. I'd like to feel that any subject that I write about takes me to another level, but I doubt that's true.

  3. Snaggle: That's pretty cook that you have so many topics that you really enjoy writing about. I have a few, but music is the one that elevates my blog writing to whole other level.

    Joey: I used to feel the same way whenever I wrote about work in the early years (when you work for the guv'ment, anything and everything is fair game). Now, the only topic that gets me that way is music. However, everything else can get me that way too, but not on a consistent basis.

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  5. Considering I've been a musician all my life and currently play in a band, you'd think I'd write on the topic more often myself. Although I do cover some album reviews.
    My blog posts are easy to write, as they are basically 'the news.' (And when I review movies or reveal movie posters and videos, those get the most visitors.)
    I don't talk much about writing on my blog but when I do so in a guest post or at the IWSG site, those end up rather good. Wouldn't fit on my blog. And no one really wants writing tips from me. Trust me!

  6. I write so people adore me. Well only a little. To have a record of what I am thinking about the world at that point in time.

  7. I just pretty much stick with the same format - I admire you for your varied topics.

    I remember commenting back and forth with you about music once - a few years ago. That was fun! Seems as if the question might have been, what music CDs are in your car now - something like that.

  8. Alex: I kind of feel the same way about state guv'ment/state politics. I work for the state and since state workers have gotten a bad rap over the years, I try to limit my writing about that particular aspect of my life.

    I really do enjoy reading your blog, and any writing tips you might have would be greatly appreciated on this end.

    Bearman: I think we all that small admirable goal in mind, although I think that being able to leave a lasting memory with someone will work as well.

    Lynn: Now that could be a scary topic of conversation. Thanks for the idea. :D

    I enjoy reading your blog because you bring up/show off a slice of southern life/culture that most people have never really seen or experienced.

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  10. Probably the need to vent and laugh, equally!

  11. M: Very valid reasons indeed. :D

  12. I think travel inspires me the most - seeing new places and meeting people from new cultures. I've really enjoyed reading your music blogs GB - they're very in depth - it was a hard time for me when I stopped listening to music altogether for a few years and in a curious way, blogging and reading about other people's love of music, brought me back to myself.

  13. Fil: Thanks.

    Traveling is a great way to get inspired about the life you live.


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