June 22, 2014


For those of you who don't follow me on Facebook (and why not? I is witty there too) I am taking my first long official vacation since 2008. In previous years, I would take a day or two off here and there, mostly so I could stay under my vacation cap and continue receiving my vacation accrual (yes, you can hate me now, 'cause the public sector is nothing like the private sector when it comes to things like sick and vacation time). This year though, since my kids are with their grandmother on a cruise ship to the Bahamas (no I'm not jealous), the wife insisted I take a vacation while they were gone so that she wouldn't be home alone.

I said, "Sure, why not?"

Besides doing something completely foreign to me, which is actually decompressing/relaxing/goofing off/having fun, I'm also having a good time exploring the little things in my life. One of the little things that I've started exploring is my new (for me, at least) digital camera that I had received for my b'day last month. It's a pretty cool camera, with a touch screen and a 135+ page user guide.

Anywho, the other day I started shooting some video in the late morning, mostly for ha-ha's as I wanted to take this thing out for spin. I ultimately shot three videos as well as 11 pictures at the park later that day (had a picnic with the wife). So for today, I thought I would share with everyone a video that features narration by yours truly. I did this some three years ago or so at my other blog, so I thought the time would be right to do it again with a whole new batch of friends. Hope you like.

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Nice to hear your voice. Enjoy your staycation -- and yes, have some fun and relaxation. That's what makes life worth living, man.

  2. Debra: Thanks, and yes it does make life worth living. :D

  3. That's a cool camera. Not only does everything look great, but it picks up sound really well. Love the sound of all of those birds. Enjoy that staycation.

  4. ABFtS: Thanks.

    Definitely a serious major league upgrade to the cheapy camera that I used for the past few years. I'm gonna have a ton o'fun with that new camera, as well as the staycation.

  5. Retirement is practically a permanent staycation. Don't mean to rub it in:) Enjoy.

  6. G.A.: This very true. However, some people, like yourself for example, handle retirement extremely well. Others do not.

    When the time comes, I'm not sure how I will handle it.


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