December 2, 2013

A C.M. Classic: Post #1

On my previous blog, I had started doing a series of posts called "ReDeaux!", which basically was me pulling out an extremely old post and putting a brand new twist on it. Anyways, the reason why I bring this up is that almost a month later, I'm belatedly remembering how hard it is to build (or in this case, rebuild) a blog readership.

So for today's post, I thought I would revisit, or reestablish, the series under the general tag "Post Repeater" and under the specific title "A C.M. Classic", and what better post to relaunch the series with than the very first post that started this entire blogging journey.

Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is G.B. Miller and I've been blogging for 5 1/2 years and writing seriously for 4 1/2 years. I decided to reinvent the wheel, or rather, reinvent myself, by starting a brand new blog called "Father Nature's Corner".

"Father Nature's Corner" is a weird riff based on both my strange sense of humor and where I live.

To whit: In my previous blog, I would often bring up the fact that Mother Nature had a husband called, appropriately enough, Father Nature. Whereas Mother Nature wore the pants in the family, thus doing the yeoman's amount of work, Father Nature was content to be the proverbial Uncle Buck. And "Father Nature's Corner" is simply a new take on where I live, which is next to Cedar Mountain in the lovely state of Connecticut.

Although none of that really explains how the blog Cedar's Mountain got its name. Well, long story made incredibly short is that back in the latter part of the first decade of the 21st century (that would be the time frame of 2000 thru 2010), I was heavily involved in an online chat forum. For reasons that will remain for the most part untold on this blog (but can be found on my other blog) as to why I was there and what ultimately went down, I decided to name the blog after my online persona, which was homage to where I grew up.

Building up the readership to where I had a lot of visitors and subscribers took me the better part of two years, and those years were spent making a polite pest of myself at other people's blogs. I fun while doing it (for the most part) and I appreciated each and every person that stopped by my blog.

Now here we are, in the tail end of 2013, and to be honest with everyone here, I really don't want to repeat that particularly tedious process again. However, being that I do want people to know about my new blog, I have modified that tedious process, in that I now post links to new blog posts on my private and public Facebook pages. That way, between the 184 people that like my public page and the 142 friends on my private page, I should get a few more visitors and possibly a few subscribers as well. Also, I have condensed from 5 to 2 the blogs that are listed in my profile, which will make searching for the proper blog to read/comment on that much easier.

So without further ado, your affable host G.B. Miller welcomes you to his brand new blog "Father Nature's Corner". And always keep in mind that the person who has these kind of friends:

...will never have a problem in using the world of you as cannon fodder for what he writes.


  1. We are officially subscribed to the new blog! Glad to see you condense. Less is more, or so they say, right?

  2. I thought I'd added this to my feedly feed but it hasn't been coming up. I tried it again so I'll see if I get a heads up on your future posts

  3. The one thing that always concerns me about having 4 blogs is that anyone new finding out more about won't really know which one is my main blog. Having said that I also realise it's good that people have a choice.

    If I started Joey's Pad again afresh I reckon it would take me years and years to get the followers I have now. If ever.

  4. Yeah, building readership isn't easy. If I cared more I might work at it.

  5. ABfTS: Gracias.

    Less is definitely more (like the old Miller Lite commercial). I used to have problems trying to figure out what someone's main blog was if they had more than one, so I figure why inflict it on my readers? If they want to find the others, I do have links to them somewhere, but I probably should add them here.

    Charles: Thanks. Hopefully it will work for you this time around.

    Joe: That is definitely a conundrum. I do want to give people a choice, but at the same time, I want to make sure that they come to the blog that is updated with a good degree of frequency.

    S.R.: That sums it up rather succinctly.

    I'm having fun though, in seeing where the casual readers are coming from. Whether or not I get a lot of followers and/or readers really isn't the end result.

    So long as I get a least one person paying attention to me, I'm a happy camper.

  6. Well, cool! I hadn't read the first post before.

  7. M: Really? I thought for sure you might've read it a couple of years ago when I was doing one of my anniversary posts.

    Oh well, better late than never I always say. :D

  8. I like the look of your new blog, G - good luck with it.

  9. Lynn: Thanks. This template was the one that best matched up with my personal theme nature and the mountain, so I'm pretty happy with it.


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