December 16, 2013

What Is Up With The Brother From Another Mother?

Indeed, what is up with the brother from another mother theses days?

Besides being the victim of a very sick joke from a Facebook friend (haven't decided whether or not to unfriend them and unlike their page) there has been a little turbulence in Father Nature's Corner for the month of December.

Because of all the drama/aggravation going on at work, I have not been able to do a lick of work on my latest writing project. Every time I decide to work on my project, something comes up to throw a wrench in the works. For example, I had planned on doing some writing this past weekend, but by the time I got out of work on Saturday and ran my usual errands and got back home, the motivation/intent had diminished. By night time, the motivation had completely vanished as home life reared its ugly head, which in turn necessitated putting my writing on the backburner.

On Sunday, I resurrected the plan to work on my writing, but this time, when I sat down in front of my computer and opened up my novella, instead of going to where I left off at, I started doing some mental editing at page one. Deciding that being a little lost while writing was not a good thing to experience, I took out the notebook, put a Van Halen album on the trusty turntable, and decided to do page-by-page edits of the story. For me, page-by-page edits will consist of simply writing numerals on parts that need to be fixed and writing what the solution is on a separate piece of paper. I figure by the time I finish, not only will I have copious notes on what needs to be fixed, but I'll have a clearer view on where I want to go.

On the other part of writing that is called self-publishing, that is now in a holding pattern and it will be for a quite a while, as that old issue of MONEY rears its ugly head. A scary thought for everyone out there is that I'm actually looking forward to January, because that means I can file my taxes and get a little money into the savings accounts and thus lessen the pressure that has been steadily building for the past few months.

In regards to Facebook, I plan on unpublishing my public (aka author) page. The reason being is that I simply don't have the time to give it the proper attention that it needs. An author's page is a little bit like a blog, in which you have to continuously post on it in order to build traffic and interest. Since I did things ass backwards by having a personal page first and spending 4 years building that up, I've basically shot myself in the foot. So, away it goes on January 1st.

Since I have a new tag called "Familia", I might as well mention an issue that was a contributing factor in me not getting any writing done this weekend.

For those of you who have heard me talk about my daughter Jenelle over the years, here is my lovely tween. Said tween went to Florida this week with my brother and his wife. Said tween became sick as a dog with strep throat. So said tween is definitely not enjoying what should've been a very nice vacation/early Christmas present.

And as father of said tween, he will be dealing with the insurance company (ABCBS) today to see what is covered and what is not covered, as his employer revamped his health insurance and introduced a whole new set of insidious rules designed to annoy the crap out of 42K employees under its umbrella.

In summation, writing on novella (or any other kind of writing related mayhem sans blogging) has not been accomplished, as the real world intrudes on my state of mind, causing it to be in flux, as opposed to being in balance.


  1. Alas, sometimes you just can't escape the real world. Your daughter is gorgeous -- sorry to hear she's sick. Especially at Xmas, what a downer.

  2. I would prefer to have my kids in control of someone else when they were sick. Think of it as an early xmas present to you

  3. Debra: Sadly, I would have to agree with you on that statement.

    Thanks for the compliment. I did get an update today in that the antibiotics seem to be doing the trick as she's feeling a lot better today. Still not out of the woods, but hopefully she'll be able to enjoy the rest of the vacation.

    Bearman: I usually don't like inflicting my kids on anyone else (that would be cruel and unusual punishment) if I can help it. Having said that, I do trust my brother and his wife implicitly to get the job done.

  4. Poor kid! Fuck, G, I hope things get better soon and I am glad you are getting that raise.

  5. Nice photo of your tween. I'm sorry she's been unwell. That sucks.

  6. M: They will, that I can be certain of. Things have a way of balancing out in the long run.

    Joe: Thanks. Yeah, it really does suck for her to be sick, especially while on vacation.


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