December 10, 2013

B(ooks) A(lready) R(ead): Take 3

part 1, part 2

Continuing with yet another post examining another block of books from my B.A.R. list of 2013, which will showcase the one thing long thought dormant: my taste in books.

13} Days of Beer: A Memoir of A Beer Drinkin' Man by Charles Gramlich. Charles has always been one of my favorite least since 2008, when I first discovered his blog Razored Zen. Days of Beer is one those funky is-or-is-not-tongue-planted-firmly-in-check e-books that gets you scratching your head while at the same time making you chuckle at the strangest times during the day. A wickedly entertaining read, I highly recommend checking out a book that shows a side of a well respected individual that we don't see too often.

14} Lost And Found by Brandon Meyers and Bryan Pedas. I actually won a free copy of this book earlier this summer (it's available both in print and e-book) and this was supposed to be the last book I would write a review for, and for the past five months, I kept forgetting to do it. So, for B&B, here is my brief review of your fine book: B&B did an outstanding job of writing a ghost story that covers two decades and of which requires you to flip back and forth in order to fully understand and appreciate it. You may not get it on the first read through, but on successive reads, the nuances and overall plot becomes clearer, and what's even better, the story really sticks with you after you get done reading it. A ghost story that really makes you think, I highly recommend it and give it at least a 4 1/2 star rating.

15} Anna's Vision by Joy Redmond. I originally picked up the e-book version of this but later got the print version of it in a swap. A love story through the ages with a little spiritual goodness thrown in the mix. Joy Redmond is a great writer and you should check her out on Facebook as her sense of humor is even more warped than mine.

16} Old Man's War by John Scalzi. I started following John Scalzi's blog earlier in the year, so when the opportunity arose to expand my horizons a little, I went searching for some of his books in my public library. The first book that got him noticed was this little sci-fi ditty (which is part of a trilogy, I believe). I found it to be a great read and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy.

17} The Map Thief by Heather Terrell. This was another book that I won in a contest/giveaway. A very cool mystery that covers three different time periods: ancient China, the golden age of discovery and modern China & Europe

18} Flip Wilson: The Inside Story of T.V.'s First Black Superstar by Kevin Cook. I love reading both auto-bios and bios of famous and infamous people in all facets of pop culture. This is a very good bio on a great comedian and enigma from the 70's.


  1. flipping back and forth to figure a book out isn't my idea of fun.

  2. Bearman: But, it does make an interesting read. I should clarify that its more of a reference thing because once you read part two (it's a two part book), then part one makes complete sense.

  3. I was just happy to see a beer drinker's book on here; I wasn't expecting a review. Thank you! We're glad to hear you liked it since we hadn't heard anything from you. We thought maybe you hated it and just decided to brush it under the rug.

    And to Bearman, it's only a novella (like 130-140 pages I think?), not a full length book, so it's not like you're flipping back and forth between 500 pages. But we know it's not for everyone. Was still fun to write, though.

    Thanks G.B.!

  4. I enjoyed Days of Beer. I'm a big fan of Charles. But you probably already know that.

  5. I had forgotten about Flip Wilson. He was so funny. I would put this on my list, but I would never get to it - I'm that backed up. What makes (or made) him an enigma?

  6. I've got one on my BAR list (by ABFTS) and one on my to-do list (Charles.)

  7. ABFtS: I really did like it, but honestly, I really did keep forgetting to write a review for it. I promised myself that I would do so, but I kept putting it off. But as they say, better late than never. And you're more than welcome for the review.

    As soon as I can find the time (again) I'll throw it up on Amazon.

    And you'll love that memoir. Best 99 cents that you'll ever spend.

    David: I'm still a fan of Charles, even though I haven't been able to cobble the greenbacks in order to buy his books.

    Lynn: I think what made him an enigma is that he did it and lived his life his way. After deciding to end the show, he really did vanish from the public eye. Nobody really knew what happened to him. I definitely recommend that bio though.

    M: You'll really like that memoir by Charles. Not only is it definitely is a blast and a half, but it peels another layer off and exposes a truly fascinating side to his personality.

  8. I remember laughing at Flip Wilson. I thought he was on Laugh In too-
    You actually reviewed a Sci-Fi! I read alot of those, mostly from the Old classic pile- Last was Ringworld by Larry Niven which I really enjoyed. Not been buying, been getting free at the Post Office exchange-

  9. Snaggle: I get most of my books at the library. Cheap and easy. I used to read quite a bit of sci-fi/fantasy in my younger days, but have recently drifted away from it.


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