December 4, 2013

What To Blog About?

Sometimes, trying to come up with a topic of choice to blog about can be an exercise of creative inaction. There are times when coming up with a topic to blog about is easy peasy lemon squeezy and the words just pour out with the speed of a raging waterfall.

Then there are times when to come up with a topic is still easy peasy lemon squeezy, but the words come out in fits and starts. Kind of like when a frozen water pipe starts thawing out.

Finally, there are times when coming up with a topic is about as easy as the President admitting to a mistake, and the words flow about as easy as Harry Reid admitting to a mistake.

In other words, creating inaction.

Today's post is a mixture of paragraph #2 and paragraph #3, in that I sort of came up with a topic, but the words are coming out in fits and starts. Which is to say, because I'm having a Seinfeld moment, this is a post about nothing. Or rather, almost a post about nothing. Because if this was truly a post about nothing, I wouldn't be writing anything.

So, let's see action:


  1. Then allow me to post a comment about nothing? I hate when someone writes a post and you just have no idea how to comment on it. Like, you don't want to say "great post" and look like the jerk who didn't read it. But you also don't want to repeat all of the previous comments which already said what you were thinking of saying. Such a conundrum.

    There you go. A comment about nothing on a post about nothing.

  2. This had me smiling and singing along, G. :)

    Yeah, sometimes the words just don't want to come.

  3. ABFtS: Yeah, I have conundrums like that all the time.

    An excellent comment about nothing on a post about nothing. :D

    Talon: Glad that I was able to make you smile. :D

  4. Or John Boehner admitting to a mistake! Equal opportunity.

  5. M: Yeah, but John Boehner has admitted to more mistakes than Harry Reid has had an honest thought.


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