December 29, 2013

Circle Interruptus

I know, I know, your heart, libido, brain, senses, etc. etc. etc. can't handle the surprise of seeing a brand new spanking post on Father Nature's Corner. And yes, I understand that you might be having one of those old Red Foxx moments where he cries "Elizabeth! I'm on my way!" while clutching his chest.

And truth be told, I'm rather surprised myself, insomuch that I been having a devil of a time just getting my act together to do anything even remotely resembling writing. But, as some people are want to say, life does indeed go on, and thus so should this blog. After all, even though it lives, breaths and yes, exists directly due to my whims, it doesn't seem right that it should be on hiatus simply because my creative juices have momentarily dried up.

As the title of the post suggests, and directly due to the fact that my language skills have been permanently and pleasantly corrupted by the land of Wile E. Coyote (Super Genius), we are interrupting the circle that presently encompasses us and holds us hostage, in the sincere hope of restarting the motivation engine.

Usually when I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary doesn't bring me words of wisdom. Instead, the item with pieces of paper haphazardly sewn/glued together in a numerical order cries out for my attention. Like this for example:

to purchase click here.

For the past month or so, I've been prowling the public library shelves for books to devour and provide escape from the stresses and problems of the day. Truth be told, the main problem I've been trying to escape from is my writing. The motivation to work on the rewrite for my novella "It's Just Business" has pretty much evaporated and now I'm at the point of actually going bleah! whenever I look at the story sitting forlornly on my copy holder. Same goes for blogging. After the post of 24 December, I was sorely tempted to wait until 2014 to write another blog post.

The main reason why I was leaning that way had to do with not only work, but the topic du jour of 24 December post as well. Try as I might, I could not shake the anger the moment I sat down in front of my computer. So I would do other things: play Spider Solitaire, Mah Jong, listen to my stereo, even turned off the computer to write editing notes on what I've previously printed out. Anything that wasn't connected to writing I did.

Like reading six books in the span of three weeks, and I'm not talking about e-books, but the seriously thick non-fiction books that I grew up on (which you will read about in the coming weeks) that would probably make the majority of you fall asleep while attempting to read them.

But like most things in my life that I really want to do but never have spine to actually do them until I say to myself, "You know what, F this S." and simply do it, I decided to do just that. I decided to put my reading on the back burner, compartmentalize the outside stress and force myself to get back into the groove of writing, whether for the blog or for the novella.

So my friends, be prepared for the drama queen of Cedar Mountain to throw titanic piles of whiny temper tantrums as he decides to lay it all out in its petulant glory. Who knows, maybe we can have deja vu all over again.

Or not.

In any event, I is back, and I brought presents for no one, 'cause you know, I forgot to make that left turn at Albuquerque and found myself at Kentucky Downs where I bet a ton 'o money on That's Inedible and sure enough, it was.

(c) 2013 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. The best thing for whiny temper tantrums is to relax in a nice hot bubble bath, in the dark with candles and soft music. Try it, you'll be surprised.

  2. Debra: Mmmmmmm, bubble bath. And if I turn on the jets, lots of relaxing bubbles as well.

  3. Isn't reading supposed to make you NOT feel whiny? And help the creative process? Hmmm, if not, have you tried hookers and drugs?

  4. ABfTS: Sometimes it has the reverse effect on me. If I'm reading something that sounds whiny, then I become whiny, thus making the creative process bite the dust. Haven't thought of hookers and/or drugs (at least, the illegal kind), but it's a thought.

    M: Thankee. I shall do just that.

  5. I've been spending alot of free time reading of old books found free in the book exchange at the post office myself-
    My high school required re-reads were so better enjoyed n absorbed not needing to do book reports- or summations! 1984 was so cool, in fact, I don't know why I hated it the first time! I've done much thinking about the implications of the "Thought Police" I'd never thought of before!
    Books are so great for writers' brains...

  6. Snaggle: Yes they are, although sometimes they can be detrimental to a writer's brain as well. Sometimes the more your read, the less likely you're gonna return to whatever it is that you're working on.


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