December 24, 2013

Christmas? Eh.

Last year, Christmas was kind of "eh", in that my mother was recovering from back surgery (in a convalescent/rehab facility) thus no real shopping/holiday decorating was done. This year, it's pretty much the same thing, only the reason is not quite as personal as my mother's back surgery.

Long time readers of my previous blog know that my daughter Jenelle is a semi-professional ice skater. Her skating coach is going through a family crisis that is affecting not only her family but her friends as well. Long story short is that her sister Justina, was diagnosed by her personal physician with a rare genetic disorder. When she was taken to Boston Children's Hospital in early February, they disagreed with the diagnosis and instead came up with a psychiatric diagnosis. When her parents disagreed and tried to take her home, the hospital security staff stopped her and with Massachusetts DCF rubber stamping the order, has held her hostage at the hospital and is attempting to terminate the rights of her parents.

The judge in the case was supposed to make a decision on December 20th, but instead postponed it to January 10th, and did a few other rotten things as well. Lest you think that I'm telling a lie about BCH, I'm not. Justina's story was recently done by our local Fox affiliate (click on the caption to see the video) and also picked up by Glenn Beck as well. BCH is notorious for doing crap like this and have been sued over the years and have racked up numerous complaints as well.


So as you can see, I'm not really in the mood to celebrate Christmas this year, and to a lesser extent, not really in the mood to do any kind of writing or any kind of blogging. All I've been really doing since last Friday is to do a little editing, break out the turntable, dive into my large (1500+) collection of 45's, and try to find some logical meaning to this screwed up world and maybe a little peace of mind. And maybe, once this crazy payweek ends on Saturday, I'll be able to grace this blog with another post before the year marches out.

Here's to a very Merry Christmas to everyone out there and hoping that Santa Claus (or whatever Christmas deity you choose to believe in) brings you everything that is on your wish list.

Update 12/24/13: Here is a beefier version of the FoxCT video that is posted on the FoxNews website. Please scroll down to the link from the Boston Globe, which recently did a special story on this, that expands on both the video and the initial link.

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  1. Oh dear, I hope the skating coach's family crisis resolves itself well. A sad reminder that not every holiday is happy.

    Wishing you all the best of the season and for 2014 too.

  2. Boy yeah that sucks. I'm not really in the mod for Christmas either, but for the sake of the kids I will go through the motions of having fun, and yeah presents are always nice.

    Hope you too find some joy this holiday time!

  3. Debra: I hope so too. I plan on updating this post as I found another link to a story on FoxNews and the Boston Globe website about this.

    I hope yours is a goody as well.

    Joe: I'm gonna give it the old college try as well. Gotta have a happy face for the kids, no matter how grumpy I am.

  4. Jesus. And I thought my week was bad.

    A psychiatric unit is no place for a kid, not even for a couple of days, let alone months.

    This is just horrible. I'm sorry.

  5. M: Absolutely. It's an ugly situation for all involved.

  6. Loss of control of your own child's health care is atrocious! Christmas is Grinchy for lots of folks. I buried myself in chocolate n spent the day alone- Lots to write today tho! Not alot positive going around lately-
    Hope that situation resolves for the best for the girl, n her parents. Hope yous two kids are having some fun at least!
    Let's hope the New Year is bigger n Better!
    Thank God For Music!

  7. Snaggle: I'm hoping so as well. The kids did pretty good this year and had a lot of fun with the family and some friends.

    Hope you had a very Merry one as well.

  8. That is really scary that they could do that. So many other situations that are more pressing, why don't they just let her go home?

  9. Alex: In a nutshell, BCH believes they are right and that her personal doctor is wrong, so come hell or high water, they plan on doing everything legally (and illegally) possible to make that happen.

  10. Oh my god, WHAT?! That's criminal. I'm so sorry for that family. No wonder your Christmas hasn't been very merry.
    I hope this is resolved soon.

  11. S.R.: The judge's decision is coming down on January 10th, so hopefully there will be a final resolution then.


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