November 30, 2013

Money And The Money Grubbers


Money makes the world go 'round, and while it certainly doesn't buy happiness (merely contentment), it can make what you to accomplish a little easier to accomplish.

On the opposite side of the coin, not having it certainly does make what you want to accomplish a lot harder to accomplish.

When it comes to self-publishing, a lack of money can definitely bring to a screeching halt (and an ungodly amount of screaming) a meticulously plotted plan for bring a book to fruition. Now, I'm not talking about a lot of money, since the most that you should spend to self-publish a book is under $125, and the bulk of that should be geared towards acquiring a properly designed eye-catching cover for your book. You can probably go a little above that, should you feel the need to acquire the services of a good editor.

Hence, this is the exact issue I'm having with my novella, Shadow's Vengeance.

I've gone through 4 revisions and had a couple of beta readers proof it as well. I know that I want to self-pub as an e-book (Smashwords) and in print (Createspace/Amazon) and that it will cost me zero up front to use those companies (fees are paid via a shared royalty structure). And because I've learned from previous experiences that an eye-catching cover is a necessity, I found a graphic designer via a FB writer's group I'm in. However, I am unable to pull the trigger on this endeavor because I'm missing one key item: money.

At the moment, it is considered to be an unnecessary expenditure in my personal budget to bring this latest project to fruition. I am hoping that around tax time 2014 I can move this from the "unnecessary" column to the "necessary" column in my personal budget, and thus come out with my 4th book.

Money Grubbers

Okay, this will teach me to take a break while writing a post. I had stopped the previous night at the phrase "Money Grubbers", because 1) it was getting late and 2) I wanted to spend some quality time with the wife. Unfortunately, whatever it was that I had originally wanted to write about has now permanently slipped my mind.

Disappointing too, because I think whatever it was that I wanted to blog about would've been the perfect compliment to the first part of this post.

In any event, in celebration of Black Friday as well as the Christmas season, I am offering print versions of my debut novel:

for the incredibly low price of $7.50, a savings of over 35% off the retail cover price. Details on how to purchase, either by money order or by credit card, can be had at Books by G.B. Miller. This sale will last through December 15th, so don't delay in getting your personalized copy today.


  1. Loving my personalized copy! Have you thought about doing Kickstarter for the new one?

  2. M: Not really. I only need to come up with roughly $100-$120 for what I want to do. It's just the matter of eliminating a little bit of debt thus giving myself some wiggle room.

  3. try pricing a self published book that is in color on every page.

  4. Bearman: Yeah, I can see where that would be a problem. Did you have any luck?


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