November 4, 2013

Welcome My Friends!

To all of you who are either visiting for the first time or who have decided to take a jump to the left and two steps to the right, I extend my cyber hand in welcoming you to the next phase of my blogging journey.

Father Nature's Corner is the extremely worthy successor to Cedar's Mountain, which for the past 5+ years has been the be all to end all of my blogging existence.

In order to make this a seamless transition between the old and the new, I will try to maintain not only the same level of consistency but the same skewered outlook on life that I'm known for.

I'm sure you have the question. That question. That wanting, That longing. That "WTF dude?" body language that you're unable to hide because you're unable to fathom what has to be the illogical reason behind replacing a worthy and well known blog.

About the only solid reason I can come up with, was that I wanted to try something different.

Unbeknownst to virtually everyone who knows me in the blogging world, I've been giving serious thought to changing my blog host. This has been going on for a good chunk of the year, even before I went on that one week hiatus this past summer, I thought about doing WordPress, or Tumblr, or even buying my own domain.

But I shot down WordPress as being not quite customer service friendly (had issues dealing with subscriptions), shot down Tumblr for 1) being owned by Yahoo and 2) the way they set up their comment structure, and torpedoed buying my own domain after reading about the perpetual issues/headaches that one deals with owning a domain.

That left me with only one viable alternative: create another blog.

Thus, on a Sunday in late October, I applied all the lessons that I learned in the past 65 months, especially the important one of having an addy with less than 12 letters, made sure that the new name still had a connection to the mountain that I call "neighbor" and viola, Father Nature's Corner came into being.

I still have some minor cosmetic tweaking to perform, but for all intents and purposes, consider Father Nature's Corner to be the one true successor to Cedar's Mountain.

Once again, I thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to stop by and check out the new me, and I hope you'll find the time to continue stopping by.

After all, what is past is simply the prologue to a blank canvas.


  1. Is that your real hair in your facebook pic, LOL?

  2. It's fun to make changes, huh? I like the way it looks!

  3. Congratulations on your new blog! May you use it in the best of health for many years.

  4. Debra: It's actually a wig I dug up for Halloween this year. A co-worker, whose also a FB friend, snapped the picture and posted it on FB. I simply choose to use it at my new avatar. Cool, eh?

    Lynn: It certainly is, and yes, it does look kind of cool.

    S.R.: Thanks, and I hope to match the years that I did the first one.

  5. Diggin' the hairdo, G. :) So, this is your new bought you a plant...a philodendron as they love to grow in any conditions. :)

    Happy New Blog!

  6. Talon: Yup, that hairdo is the one thing that has been missing. :D

    I dig philodendrons. :D


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