November 28, 2013

Happy Gobble Gobble Day!

Hmmm...I can just smell and taste it now....cranberry sauce, stuffing, lasagna, rice, gravy, ham, but most importantly, that delicious, mouth watering, mouth drooling turkey.

Hope ya'll have a fantastic Thanksgiving with the ones that you love to be with the most.


  1. Debra: Thanks.

    Joe: I feel your pain. :D

    But I will have you know that I behaved myself this year and didn't overdo it.

  2. I totally love that cartoon! I actually sent that around to several friends today :)

  3. Hope the family turkey was devoured with abandon, n nap-time then football took over! I only had a few hours sleep, woke up n ate turkey with loud children clamoring for attention!
    Hope you had a Happy Turkey Day!

  4. M: Like I said earlier, it has over a dozen and a half shares on FB. Go figure :D

    Snaggle: As far as I could tell it was. I did take a short nap afterwards, but no football to speak of.

    Glad you had a good one for yourself.


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