September 8, 2014

Uggh! It's Moanday....

A lot of work related stress that started on Friday is still chugging through my veins today, so I thought this video would be serious compliment to my state of mind.

The drummer is Meytal Cohen, and she made this video as an audition video for the show "America's Got Talent". She is a phenomenal hardcore metal drummer. Her website can found by clicking her name and she can be found on Facebook as well. Oh, and the song is Toxicity by System Of A Down (Armenian hard rock band).

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. That was awesome! Proof you can rock with any instrument. Although TSO has been rocking with an electric violin for years.
    Hope this week is better for you.

  2. Oh yes, I'm very familiar with SOAD and Toxicity. Great cover - Meytal really nailed those drums!

  3. Alex: The video definitely rocks. I was exploring her website (which is very cool) when I found this video tucked away with about a dozen others.

    And I'm hoping so too. Thanks.

    ABFtS: I'm glad a few readers are familiar with SOAD, I thought I would be the only "oldie" that would be familiar with them.

    M: I will check it out.

  4. I hope her audition tape got her on the show.

  5. G.A.: I believe it did not. Shows like that usually want more middle of the road kind of talent, not edgy.

  6. I was going to ask how she did on that show, but see your answer above. That show is not that great IMO.

    Hope things are going better at work now.

  7. Lynn: I never watch those kind of reality shows.

    Things have gotten a little better at work. Still a major slugfest though, and the rest year looks like to be a killer because of it.


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