September 22, 2014

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As I previously mentioned about a week ago, I had to go through one last proofread of my novel before shipping it off to Smashwords. So that night, I sat butt down in chair and proceeded to go through page by page of said novel looking for any typos/misspells/faux pas that would/could be corrected.

Sad to say, I found exactly four.

Now the major headache was how to fix without compromising/jeopardizing what I spent my hard earned dollars on to begin with. I e-mailed the wonderful company that formatted my book and asked them precisely what I could and could not do in order to fix the typos. They did, so I did without doing what they said I couldn't do.

After having to save it under a another title (Word13 does not allow you to save an old version under the same name once you've performed edits), off to Smashwords I went. Even there, things did not go off w/o a hitch. I spent roughly 30 minutes writing the long and short synopsis, choosing the proper metatags, price ($2.99), etc., and as I got to the very end, I decide to refresh my memory on their T.o.S. Major mistake as the link did not open in a new window, but opened in the same and blew out all my hard work. Joy.

Anyhow, after all was said and done, I now present to you my new e-book, exclusively at Smashwords in all the major formats:

Buy It Here
For a free five page preview, click here. For a longer sample, click on the Buy It Here link. For the now removed Amazon reviews of the original version, Line 21, click here. For the classic print version on sale now, click on the classic banner caption.

Buy It Here
My friends, this is but just the first page in a brand new chapter of my writing journey. Please join me for what is sure to be a very creative and invigorating journey.

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Congratulations! Despite all the challenges, you did it.

  2. Congratulations, good sir! E-formatting is never a pleasant journey, but we know it'll be worth it in the long run. May it sell off the charts!

  3. Sarah: Thanks!

    Alex: Thanks!

    ABFtS: Thanks! This time around I was going spend money where it should be spent and I've pretty much succeeded.

  4. Your Smashwords page looks great and is very enticing with the description and especially the illustration photo. You go guy!


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