September 24, 2014

This Is What You Want?

Welcome to Hump Day, where normalcy is lunacy, lunacy is always good with parmesan cheese, Romano cheese and beefy meatballs, and having a picture of an unbalanced Johnny Rotten great you when you click on the blog will make you spit out your coffee.

Boxer brief background: Back in the day, MTV would sometimes play a video that would inspire me to buy an album for a song. The above video was one such purchase.

With The Inner Sibling unleashed to an unsuspecting general public (so far, roughly a dozen sample downloads but no purchases yet), I'm now in the process of doing a few touch ups/marketing promos for the book. For instance, next Monday I will be stopping by at fellow writer Penny Estelle's blog to pimp my book. And I'll be adding yet another page to my book blog, this time to use as a temporary link to the original print version from Smashwords, which will last until next month, as that is the working plan to release the new and improved print version.

Speaking of books, I decided to sign up for a Tumblr account this past Monday. Now, we all know that I need another blog like I need to go to the barber shop, but hear me out on this one.

For those of you who don't know, Tumblr is what I like to call the dark side of blogging. Whereas you're somewhat restricted with Blogger and WordPress, Tumblr has no such restrictions. Whatever you want to write about or show (especially show), you can do it on Tumblr. So I figure with the type of stuff that I write and plan on publishing, a book blog on Tumblr might help attract a few readers here and possibly a few books sales as well (if you check out the tags for my book, one them says "adult actress"). So at the very least, I'll have another venue to pimp myself and my writings.

So my friends, that's my agenda for the week. What/s yours?

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  1. Yes, I like roaming around Tumblr from time to time too. It's like the wild, wild west there -- anything goes!

  2. I featured your book today, so hope you get some downloads.
    MTV used to play music videos? Who knew?

  3. Debra: Most definitely. I've seen/read some stuff that simply boggles the mind and blows me away on those blogs.

    Alex: Many thanks for the shout out. So far I have 13 sample downloads, but I'm hoping some of those translates into sales.

    Yup, back in the day, they were videos with the occasional UK comedy on the weekends.

  4. Lynn: A very excellent agenda to have. :D

  5. Tumblr is banned from my home. With my limited broadband, that program eats up my allowed usage like it is starving. Found out about it when a visiting grandchild used up practically my entire month in a couple of days.

  6. G.A.: I would have to agree with you on that. Quite frequently, I have use the task manager function to reboot IE whenever I'm reading a Tumblr blog.

  7. My agenda is to make it thru the week!

    I finished a short Dragon story- n need the title, n decided I want to do some accompanying art, n am hoping to have something in Xmas stockings printed out for the grandsons. Time isin't on my side tho!

    I'll prob do photo-computer art instead of all the paint I'd like, due to time constraints, plus I have some toy dragons to use...

    But I have to start another work-week Fri.

  8. Snaggle: As always, that is an excellent agenda to have.

    Good luck with the story, I know you'll get it done in your own unique way. :D

  9. I opened up a blog on Tumblr and didn't get one visit, so I gave up with it. :D

  10. Joe: It's very strange over there. It's very hard to comment on blogs over there (you have to leave a question in the ask box, and they eventually respond to it via a post), but even if I get a couple visits, I'll be happy.

    M: That's about all you can do nowadays.


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