September 5, 2014

I Gots Tagged For Writing!

Greetings and Salutations to one and all!

For those of you who are just passing through, I am your most excellent host (shades of Bill & Ted) G.B. Miller, and today's post will feature a four question writing meme that I was tagged with by the ever popular Debbie from The DogLady's Den. So if you're ready, willing and smartly able, let's begin at the beginning.

1} What am I currently working on?

Well, I was working on a short story, but since that's done, I will pull another one out of my slushy pile of verbiage. In all seriousness, I've just started work on a prequel to a medium length novella that I wrote some years ago. The prequel itself is pretty average, but I think with some moderate gutting, splicing and rewriting the characters in my unique style, this could turn out to be a moderately above average novella. No writing yet, but I plan on re-reading what I got so that I can create a good outline in which to start from.

2} How does your work differ from others in the same genre?

Good question. I've always had problems trying to properly "label" my writing. Other than calling it paranormal/fantasy, the way it differs from other is in two unique ways: women who use sex as a weapon of power, and the fact that my female MC's are not WASPish by any stretch of the imagination. In other words, they are proverbial colors of Benetton (examples, the characters in my debut commercial novel and my short story trilogy).

3} Why do you write what you write?

Most of my writing is flavored, to a varying degree, with sex. I feel most comfortable writing about different kinds of sexual situations, ranging from innocent flirtation to hardcore debauchery. Over the years I've gotten better at tempering the amount of sex contained in a story, so that if a scene calls for hardcore, I write hardcore; if it calls for something milder, then I write something milder. I've always had a healthy respect for the wonderful of world of naughtiness and over the years (you should spend a day with me just listening to the double entendres and sly play on words that I perform).

4} Describe my writing process.

Yikes! Not that! Seriously though, my writing process is a bit weird. Because I work full time and have a house full of family to contend with in the evening, the only time I can get any writing done, regular or blogging, is on the weekends. Spring and Summer, the family goes camping so I have plenty time to get something accomplished. Fall and Winter is more difficult because I can't really do it at home much, so I go out to the public library to write (pen and paper). Sadly, because my hands are getting steadily worse, if I want to do a lot of writing (not blogging) I have to use Dragon Software in order to accomplish it.

I'm told that the rules state that I must tag three other people. Unfortunately, I can only tag one person, fellow blogger Riot Kitty. However, if you feel up to participating in this little meme, by all means, step in to take a good crack at it. Once again, my sincere thanks goes out to Debbie of The DogLady's Den for tagging me with this meme. It was a pretty cool thing to do.

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  1. Always nice to read a little about the writerly process. I'm thinking writerly is not a word. :)

  2. It was fun to read your answers, G.B. and I'm looking forward to reading your published works, soon☺ I love that your female characters are not WASPish! Here's the link to my original post which tagged you:
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Lynn: "writerly" works for me. :D

    Debbie: Thanks for tagging me and I'm glad you enjoyed the answers.

  4. Funny, on Sunday night I had dinner with a friend and I had a hard time describing your genre, too. I ended up telling him you didn't fit into one.

  5. M: I usually tell people I write "quirky" fiction, which seems to satisfy them most of the time. If not, I elaborate just enough not to turn them off.

  6. Sometimes it helps to get an automatic blog subject direction to follow. It takes me so long to do projects with my latest nightjob- I'm just thinking about what to do without getting to it yet! Time is the main obstacle with you too it seems-

    That reminds me I should work on my ip fiction (about magical toy Dragons) from last fall- for preteens. This is the first free week I've had since last November- I want to do everything! Just too pooped.

  7. Snaggle: Time is always the main obstacle for what I want to do. Like you, I have so many errands to run on the weekends that if anything out of the ordinary should happen, it completely screws up with my downtime.

  8. Be excellent to each other. Party on, dudes! ;-)


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