August 15, 2014

The Things We Do....

I'll be the first to admit that I absolutely love schlocky 70's music. 70's music is without a doubt the best sing-a-long music you can fun with at any given time on any given day. One of my favorite songs is by Reunion:

The other day I was sitting in front of my computer (you know where this is going, right?) watching this video on YouTube and reading some of the comments, when an EUREKA! moment came to me (you know where this is going). So, after spending roughly four hours spread out over four days, I managed to count at least 121 different artists/bands/non-music entities identified in this video. And out of those 121 artists, I managed to identify about 85% of them.


So without further ado, here is a very fine example of anal retentive behavior, or OCD, pick your poison. If you can fill in the blank spaces on who I missed or misidentified it will be greatly appreciated.

1} Host I think is Ozzie Nelson; 2} B. Bumble & The Stingers; 3} Mott The Hoople; 4} Ray Charles; 5} Lonnie Mack; 6} Duane Eddy; 7} Unknown; 8} The Eagles; 9} Unknown; 10} Little Eva; 11} Poco (?); 12} Deep Purple; 13} Rolling Stones; 14} Cream; 15} Elvis; 16} Fleetwood Mac; 17} Sam Cooke; 18} Unknown; 19} Lesley Gore; 20} Ritchie Valens; 21} Buddy Holly; 22} Unknown; 23} Mt. Fuji; 24} Kama Sutra Records; 25} Richard Berry.

26} Brill Building (Diamond, King, et. al.); 27} Rodgers & Hammerstein; 28} Nilson; 29} Flip Wilson; 30} Fats Domino; 31} Unknown; 32} Brenda and The Tabulations; 33} Carly Simons; 34} Dr. Hook; 35} Johnny Cash; 36} Johnny Rivers; 37} Mungo Jerry; 38} Peter, Paul & Mary; 39} Dr. John; 40} Doris Day; 41} Jack The Ripper; 42} Leon Russell; 43} Mick Jagger; 44} The Miracles; 45} Smokey Robinson; 46} Unknown; 47} The Dolphins; 48} Delaney and Bonnie; 49} Wilson Pickett; 50} Jim Croce.

51}The Shangri-Las (or Chiffons, not sure which); 52}The Lovin' Spoonful; 53} CS&N; 54} Ike & Tina Turner; 55-56} Unknown; 57}Otis Redding; 58-59} Unknown; 60} Screamin' Jay Hawkins; 61-62} Unknown; 63} Kukla, Fran & Ollie; 64} John Denver; 65} Donny Osmond; 66} ZZ Top; 67-68} Unknown; 69} David Bowie; 70} Steely Dan; 71} Chuck Willis; 72} Edgar Winter; 73} Joanne Summers; 74} Ides of March; 75} Unknown.

76} Eric Clapton; 77} Stephen Foster; 78} The Beach Boys; 79} The Rondells; 80} Unknown; 81} Abba; 82} The Archies; 83} The Ohio Express; 84} Wolfman Jack; 85} Unknown; 86} Tony Orlando & Dawn; 87} The Dramatics (?); 88} The Animals; 89} Alan Freed; 90} Murray The K; 91} Unknown; 92} Chuck Berry; 93} Freddie King; 94} Albert King; 95} B.B. King; 96-98} Unknown; 99} Mountain; 100} Sly Stewart.

101} Three Dog Night; 102} Diana Ross & The Supremes; 103} The Partridge Family; 104} Randy Newman; 105-106} Unknown; 107} Freda Payne; 108} Aretha Franklin; 109} Tino Puentes; 110} War; 111} Unknown; 112} Righteous Brothers; 113} Everly Brothers; 114} Herb Alpert; 115} Stevie Wonder; 116} Mamas & Papas; 117} Bob Dylan; 118} Bobby Pickett; 119} Simon & Garfunkel; 120} Bobby Vinton; 121} Tijauna Brass.

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. That is totally cool, because I love that kind of music too! You should go see Guardians of the Galaxy. Or at least check out the soundtrack. Cool 70s stuff.

  2. Oh my gosh, I have no idea. I do like 70s music, but I was too young in the 70s to be able to name artists and songs. I'm impressed by your knowledge. Try me on an 80s compilation and I'd do much better.

  3. S.R.: For good or bad, most of those artists I used to listen to when they were fresh and new.

    The 80's would be a good middle ground for everyone.


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