August 25, 2014

Exploring I Did Go, Exploring I Did Go! Hi-Ho The Dairy-O, Exploring I Did Go!

After the debacle of last Friday's post, in which no one had the good sense to leave a comment (no, I'm not criticizing, just recognizing the fact that the post in question sucked major moose testicles), I decided to take another crack at writing another Cedar Mountain Classic. So exploring I did go to the blog of the other dimension, where sight, sound, reason and intelligence exist therefore not.

Hold on a moment, was channeling Roger Rees and Rod Serling at the same time. Must get that round peg back in the square hole.

So after twirling around the blog for a couple of minutes to explore a few of my early posts (those below the number 150), I discovered one immutable concrete fact: playing the part of Sherman to Mr. Peabody (boy did that movie disappear from the theaters or what?) is an exercise fraught with excruciating mental anguish.

Yuppers. Reading what you had previously written on topics that you haven't actively pursued/discussed/thought about in roughly a half dozen years will absolutely make you cringe from embarrassment. While channeling ye olden schtuff in genres like movies, music, and books is a good thing, channeling ye olden cannon fodder from ye olden blog is definitely ye olden snoozefest.

While I'm not making any excuses (at least one that you might accept as plausible), the fact remains that we've been on a downhill slide to Sluggoville, for the past few weeks. However diligent we may be spending our time looking for a way out (and we are practicing due diligence as we speak), I must ask for patience as I battle my way through this momentary downhill slide to Sluggoville.

I can say with absolute confidence that on September 3rd I will be making my first post for IWSG, so September will start of with a bang. That you can be sure of.

In any event, today's post was brought to you by Bing, the better search engine, which allowed to me to touch upon the ye olden pop culture that folks under the age of 40 probably will not get. Have a Happy Monday!

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Mmmm, moose testicles are nice fried in butter. Well, you were complaining about a lack of comments. Now you have one.

  2. I've been behind on blog reading a little while now - like has gotten in the way. I was thinking the other day that if I don't start making the blog rounds more regularly, no one will ever come back to my blog again. :)

  3. That movie did disappear fast...
    Glad you're joining us for the IWSG posting!

  4. Debra: That is a scary food thought indeed. :D

    Thanks for the evening chuckle. :D

    Lynn: I usually don't get to catch up on my blog reading until the middle of the week. Still, it makes for an adventurous week just the same.

    Alex: It was really weird. They promo'd the heck out of the film, and it garnered quite a few reviews, but it seemed like if you blinked longer than several seconds, it wasn't there.

    And I'm looking forward to the post. I figure I can reach a wider audience with some of tales of woe and wonderment. :D

  5. I can't explain how you tax my brain.

  6. G.A.: Sometimes certain thing are better left unexplained.


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