August 6, 2014

Not Quite Ready

I'm not quite here today. Too much stuff going on at work coupled with some financial decisions that must be made equals no real post to think of. Thus, I leave you with a song that was rummaging around my head last night. Perhaps it explains better my frame of mind. Perhaps not. Either way, I should be better prepared on Friday.

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  1. Great cover of Nine Inch Nails. Johnny Cash surprised a lot of people with his willingness to record new artist's material like this. Love it!

    Hang in there, buddy, whatever is going on.

  2. Debra: His recordings with Rick Rubin are a must for any serious fan of Johnny Cash. He did some fantastic covers in those recordings, as well as originals too.

    Alex: Thanks. A couple of things began falling into place today, so hopefully by Friday I should be good to go.

  3. I've been in a similar place, blog-wise - thinking of things I was going to write about, then not having the energy. So I did five-minute Friday and it worked!

  4. M: There you go. :D

    Fortunately, this will eventually pass and I'll be good as new.



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