August 8, 2014

Pump It Out

Kind of sums up my feelings about things in general.

Anywho, even though I'm still not quite that ready to entertain the masses, a promise is a promise, and what kind of peon would I be if I went back on the one thing I truly cherish. So, here it is folks, a post. To paraphrase a well known comedian, it's about nothing yet everything in particular.

I spent the better of the past couple of days letting my brain percolate on the daily observances/happenings that make up the strangeness that is my life, and while I didn't come up with one solid topic to pontificate about, I do have a bunch of little topics on which to expound and expand upon with utmost vim and vigor, posthaste.

Mid July I finally succumbed to the inevitable and made a request for an accommodation under the ADA, as it applies to my hands. After much hustling and prodding of my specialist to get him to fill out the necessary paperwork, I was approved this week to have Dragon software installed on my work computer. All things considering, I am very fortunate to have a few good people in upper management who actually understands what I'm going through right now with my hands, With the amount of writing/correspondence I do on daily/weekly basis (my good friends, I crank out the equivalent of a moderate sized chapter of verbiage every two days) as well as the time spent on the computer, this will greatly alleviate the pain and fatigue that I go through with my hands.

The other day, I got what I like to call book spam. Book spam is when you receive unsolicited e-mails from writers and/or publishers asking if you would like to read/host/talk about a particular author. In this particular case, I got walloped with an e-mail asking me if I would like to host a writer (not naming names here) for an upcoming blog tour. The e-mail also came with a book trailer, a few links and the cover of the book. I politely asked where the blog tour manager (who sent the e-mail) got my addy, which in hindsight was a stupid question to ask, and also politely stated that I wasn't too happy about being spammed for a blog tour. After a short exchange of pleasantries, I extracted a promise from the blog tour manager that I would never be bothered again.

If anything, this would definitely make me think twice about including this particular writer should I decide to expand my reading horizons to other genres.

Speaking of spam, Yahoo is absolutely fantastic at attracting a high volume of spam. One of the reasons why I left Yahoo was because it would gather a lot of spam. The other day, I was doing one of my weekly checking one of my semi-dormant Yahoo addys (the one that got hacked into a few months ago when Yahoo had that public breach) and discovered in my spam folder, roughly 170+ spam e-mails. I don't get that many spam e-mails from Hotmail & Google combined in six months. Heck, I don't even one-tenth of those spam comments on this blog in a year.

Finally, to tidy this post up, I give you a chuckle for the day.

Yours truly will be performing the fine art of public speaking, specifically, new employee orientation. Yup, it's my turn to stand before a group of FRESH MEAT and deliver vapid platitudes on what a spiffy place my agency is to work for. With a plastic insincere smile plastered on my face, I will pontificate, bloviate, and yes, become like your favorite politician tomorrow. For I am....MR. PAYROLL GUY!!!!

And no, no Ducky, he's been busy having lots of toots of duck pate.

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Ha ha! Plastic insincere smiles, pontification and bloviation are what the workforce is all about, LOL! And hey, you should use that photo for your avatar!

  2. Debra: OMG it was the orientation from Hell today!

    Had an extended Q&A because I got bumped an hour so I spent 1 1/2 hours entertaining a ton o' newbies.

    I actually plan on using that pic on Facebook. I figure I can scare a ton o' people with it. :D

  3. Oh noes! I was hoping it would go well, as you'd be wearing Yello Bear...

  4. M: It actually went pretty good. Just had a few very brain dead individuals who asked at least a half dozen questions per from. Some were pertinent (i.e. health insurance, life insurance), others were not (i.e W-4's).

    Still, it really put me about a day behind for doing my payroll though.

  5. Bearman: It was a toughie, but hopefully we were able to get the job done, and done right.

  6. I'm glad that you were able to be accommodated. Every once in a while, the government actually does something right.

    You are looking very handsome, even with a tooting duck bum on your head. ;-)

  7. S.R.: Thanks.

    It's one thing to be accommodated, but it's a whole other animal waiting for them to actually purchase the software in order to actually use it.

    And I thank you for the compliment.


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