July 16, 2014

White Noise

I am seriously scraping the bottom of a 55 gallon oil drum with this post, simply because I have no solid idea on what to bloviate about today. But, we are if anything, a persistent persnickety kind of blogger. So....off we go to the pasty gray muddy civilized yonder of my world. And hey, keep those hands and arms in, otherwise you might get touched by one of the new generation of panhandlers. You know, the ones sporting Air Jordans and $300 Ray Ban sunglasses.


Over the July 4th weekend, I was basically so ready to just chill out and relax that I was getting goosebumps all over my body. I had all the necessary implements of destruction at the ready: hat, lounge chair, mini-stool/table, and pen and paper in case I wanted to do some writing. But....something was missing. Something that is so essential to the routine that is my life that should I not have it, I become a little confused. Neigh, I become downright lost.

It took me a few minutes to figure out what it was, but there it wasn't.

A book.

Normally I have at least 2 books from the public library at the ready for reading. Usually my reading is done at lunch time, but on the weekend I'll vegetate for an hour or so outside with my nose buried in a good book. This time, I had no book to read. I really had no one to blame except myself, as I completely forgot to go the library prior to the 4th. I went on the 5th, but just like most everything else connected with the guv'ment, it was shut down tighter than a politician's conscience.

So I returned my books in the drop box and spent not only a frustrating weekend not reading, but spent the first couple days of the next week not being able to read too. Basically, I didn't get to the library until Wednesday, which in turn allowed me to get my needed fix. I picked out three titles*: two non-fiction (Columbia and cocaine; WW II) and one fiction (murder mystery, I think), so all is right with my world once again.

So my dear friends and readers my question to you is this: Have you experienced anything like this in your life, where you become seriously lost without your particular kind of "white noise"?

*Cocaina: A Book On Those Who Make It; The Deserters: The Hidden Side of WWII; Silence Once Begun

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. My iPad is bursting with books, so a lack of reading material is never an issue. Time to read - that's the bigger problem.
    My white noise is either music or a movie. Yeah, I know...

  2. Oh yeah, I have been there and done that. Makes me twitchy! :)

  3. If you see my house in total disarray you will know that I am without a new audio book. I cannot do housework unless I have my brain plugged into fiction.

  4. Alex: All things considering, to me that makes perfect sense for you. :D

    I've used music as white noise for doing mundane tasks from time to time as well.

    Kathy: Thanks for stopping by.

    When I don't have something to read at work, I often read things like labor contracts and/or a pocket dictionary. Now that would make anyone twitchy. :D

    G.A.: I have a hard time listening to audio books as I have to be doing absolutely nothing. But, I can definitely sympathize with that. Makes a mundane day that much more tolerable.

  5. Those titles sound fascinating!

  6. M: M!!!!!!!

    The one about Cocaine and Columbia was a bit tedious and I gave up halfway through.

    The one about WWII is good as I just finished it today.

  7. There are several books on my nightstand and many more in my Samsung tablet that I haven't read yet, so that's not a problem. My white noise is music and if I don't have that, then something is DEFINITELY missing in my world. Silence is deafening. ☺

  8. Debbie: At work, my white noise tends to be Spanish, since I work for a child protection agency and the majority of the staff is bilingual. Without it, I kind of feel lost.

  9. OMG, no books? DISASTER! :-) Books are my escape too. I always keep a good stock of them at home, to avoid just such a situation, despite living within walking distance of the largest lending library in Toronto.

  10. S.R.: This was definitely a rarity in my world. I usually have a book in work bag or in my den just about 24/7/365.

  11. Ha, I cope without any books, although I do like to read one when I'm holiday, but take away my music and I'm hyperventilating.

  12. Joey: I can well imagine. :D

    I'm a bit the same way when it comes to music. There are certain mundane tasks I have to perform at work in which music helps tremendously. When I have too much interference from other things, I'm forced to turn off the music and become a grump.


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