July 4, 2014

Riddle Me Contested!!!

As I mentioned in Monday's post, I asked for and received the rights back to my debut novel, Line 21. I also mentioned in Monday's post what I wanted to do with the book. Specifically, the following tasks I would like to execute:

1} New title
2} New cover
3} New content for self-publishing.

Now, number 3 will be executed while I'm formatting for e-book only release later this summer. Number 2 will be executed as soon as I accomplish number 1. Number 1 is what this post is all about today.

It's a rare thing to get a 2nd chance to correct a bad 1st impression, unless it comes to publishing a story. In my case, I really need a new title for the book, because what I got now simply does not cut it by any stretch of the imagination. The original title was only meant to be temporary, but when I got the contract for the book and it had that title listed, the plan for a new title fell by the wayside.

However, that was then and this, my friends, is now.

Now is needing to come up with a new title, and I though what better way to come up with a title than to ask for suggestions from my friends and readers. In case you're wondering, I do have a history of asking for advice from my friend and readers for Line 21 (please click on the tag "Line 21" at my previous blog for examples). Plus to make it more interesting, I thought I would create a contest in the process.

Starting today and running through to July 11th @ midnight, I will be holding a contest to come up with a new title for my novel Line 21. Please click on the preceding link for synopsis info or watch the video above to get a basic idea of the plot. 1st place winner will receive a free print copy of Line 21 plus acknowledgement in the e-book for the title. 2nd and 3rd place mentions will each receive a free copy of my short story trilogy, Broken Promises.

A limited amount of print copies are still available for purchase. Clicking on this link will give further details on how to purchase via c/c or snail mail.

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Hmmm, I must give this some thought. I shall return. Happy 4th of July, BTW.

  2. Debra: By all means, take as much time as you need. Contest ends a week from today.

    And thanks!

  3. Oh boy, so those of us who own the first publication will have quite a collectors edition when you reach massive fame!!!

  4. G.A.: Well, maybe not massive fame, but hopefully to be a moderately successful writer though.

  5. Methinks...I will think some! But again, I don't think you made a bad first impression, G.

  6. M: Thanks.

    However, only two people came the closest when I asked them what was the first thing that popped into their head when they heard the title and they said taxes.

    'Course, they did work in fiscal, so there you go.

  7. Peter: Thanks for stopping by to comment.

    "The Inner Sibling"....definitely has a good ring to it.

    Thanks for your entry.


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