July 18, 2014

The Inner Sibling

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This is my first born. No matter where my writing takes me or what I wind up doing, I will always have the fond memory of being a published somebody.

With that being said, it's time now to pull myself up by my suspenders and get jiggy with it. Specifically, re-formatting and re-tweaking the aforementioned novel. Courtesy of U.K. writer Peter John, I now have a new title for my now out-of-print novel. This weekend will be spent in front of two computers going through the laborious process of preparing my novel for re-release.

On the main computer, we will have a copy of Smashwords very user friendly style guide open and at the ready. On the auxiliary computer, we will have the final Word version of my novel saved under the new name and at the ready. Elsewhere, we will be dipping into our vast collection of hot wax so that we can (hopefully) become comfortably numb while working on our novel.

Playing the game of public sex is hard enough when you got the family loan shark bothering you for a piece of your action, but when your inner sibling wants a piece as well, it can make you question not only your sanity, but your own comfortable existence too.

Click here to read the prologue. Please keep in mind that the link will take you to my adult blog. Print copies are still available for purchase.

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  1. Interesting. Wish you luck this weekend. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  2. So it will soon be an eBook? Awesome.

  3. Debra: I shall!

    ACiL: Thanks, I'll definitely need it.

    Alex: Yes. I plan on doing strictly as an e-book this time around. So I'll have both the old and the new available.

  4. Looking forward to it! I will add it to my ebook collection. Good luck with the re-formatting, etc.

  5. Debbie: Thanks. It should take me about two to three hours spread out over a few days to get it all done. Then it'll be the matter of hiring a graphics company for the cover.


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