July 14, 2014

Riddle Me A Contested Winner!!!

A week ago Friday, I introduced a contest for the masses, in which you had not only a chance for immortality but shot at a free book. All you had to do to enter was to suggest a new title for my recently deceased debut novel "Line 21".

I had a lot of people talk about it but only one person was brave enough to step forward and offer up a suggestion: fellow writer Peter John. His suggestion The Inner Sibling, will be the new title for my upcoming re-release of Line 21. Not only does he win a collector's edition copy of my novel, but he will be featured in the acknowledgement section of the re-release.

Since I now have a title, the next items up for completion will be: 1} a new cover and 2} new content for this exclusive e-book release.

I have a couple of graphic companies in mind that I would like to use, of which one I have used before. The other will require a little exploration/research.

To close out this post, I leave you with a recent pic of my daughter Jenelle, who at her last skating competition (of which I made a rare appearance at), finished 1st in reverse (aka, last place). Hey, sometimes as a parent you just have to put a positive spin on a disappointment.

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  1. Bet Peter is glad he made a suggestion!
    Your daughter is cute. Heck with where she places, right?

  2. I bow to Peter John, who has a better imagination than I do. I quite like his title. And I hope your daughter is not discouraged by the skating results. It's the participation that's important. As long as she loves to skate, she should do it!

  3. Alex: I sure hope so. A little credit can always go a long way.

    Yes, she certainly is that (my Al Bundy days are coming soon for sure), and yes I agree with that other statement as well.

    Debra: I don't think so. This was one of her first competitions at her new level (previously was Pre-Juvenile and now is Juvenile), so it's just the matter of practice practice practice.

  4. first in reverse just means no pressure next competition

  5. His suggested title was meant to be:)

  6. IMHO children are subjected to far too many competitions these days. I hope that she sticks with it. She's a beautiful girl!

  7. S.R.: Thanks.

    She's actually toned down on her competitions since she started concentrating on skating about 4 years ago. By concentrating on skating competitions, I'm saving roughly $700 year by her not doing dancing competitions.


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