July 7, 2014

Summertime Is Where You Want To Be

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Summertime in my neighborhood, while it ain't tea and crumpets, is definitely where you want to be sipping your Long Island Ice Tea and licking your chocolate swirl, all the while enjoying a cool mountain breeze wafting down through the trees of grandeur.

Or if sipping and slurping ain't your cup of tea, then perhaps just sitting in the shade with a good book, pen and paper, or simply settling down for a restful semi-nap. All the while inhaling the beauty that is Mother and Father Nature.

If only our fantasy world of the preceding two paragraphs could be transported to the hustle and bustle that is our normal reality, then life can be good. Alas, you know and I know that rarely does that fantasy would even remotely stick its nose in during the Monday thru Friday drudgery that is our real life.

However, on the weekend it does stick its nose in the absurdity that is our weekend, and in this particular case, the holiday weekend.

Here at Father Nature's Corner, we believe it's our sworn duty to share with everyone the beauty that truly makes our neighborhood something to cherish and enjoy. For it's our neighborhood that provides Father Nature's Corner with its weekly injection mixture of good clean fun and natural sedatives that helps him function in the Monday thru Friday drudgery.

So put on those walking shoes and take a short stroll to Shooting Suburbia, where you too can receive that wonderful sedative called "Summer In Connecticut".

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Summer in Connecticut is looking pretty beautiful right now. Makes me want to put on those walking shoes and venture out into summer in Colorado, but that also requires leaving the house...

  2. I could certainly use that reality right now.

  3. ABFtS: Thanks, and yes, you would have to conquer that mild case of agoraphobia in order to enjoy the summer weather. :D

    Alex: We can all use a little of that reality.


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