January 28, 2014


Had a lot stuff happen to me this week, and since music was anywhere from an integral part to only a peripheral player, what better way to tie it all together than to blog about it.

Let's start off this musically flavored kumquat of a post by bringing up the fact that the title of this post is related to music. What, you suffering from seriously short term memory loss?

To refresh, you had Aimee Mann's wonderful one hit band 'til Tuesday.
You had Lynyrd Skynyrd's better played and lesser known death dirge, Tuesday's Gone.
Finally, you have the ultimate space cadety song from the Moody Blues, Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?).

So, moving on to the next topical paragraph, I decided to bit the bullet and program a classic rock station into my radio.

For those of you who are new here, I have a ginormous aversion to classic rock. Granted, I do have some, but to be honest, I don't need to be stuck in my middle school/high school years for long term music listening. However, as much as I can't stand classic rock, I absolutely despise scrubbed music (for the uninitiated, it means a radio station will scrub a song of words that were acceptable on radio when the song was originally released, but now are deemed offensive in today's P.C. world). Fortunately, amongst the few crappy commercial stations on my dial that plays that garbage, I had one already programmed in on my 2nd tier of radio stations, and that was directly due to the fact that they simulcast New England Patriot football games.

I actually listened to the station a few decades ago when it used to play up-to-date rock. I got away from it when they switched formats, but since I need something to listen to on the drive home when AM doesn't cut it and the programming on the college stations is lacking (classical anyone?), this is the next best thing.

Next up, writing.

Yes, I said writing. Over the weekend, I finally found enough quiet time to have a serious discussion with myself about my writing. When all was said and done, I turned on my turntable and played the following albums:

Van Halen's Fair Warning (eh) and AC/DC's Back In Black (still kicks ass).

That, my friends, got me into the rhythm of writing and I managed to churn out 2,000 words with my latest writing project. Amongst those 2,000 words I managed to actually complete a chapter that I started some two months ago. And not only did I feel good about myself, but for the first time in a long while, I had no hand fatigue/pain while typing those words out.


To a small degree, I have been suffering through music withdrawal at work. There's actually a few college radio shows that I make a point of listening to during the week. While both shows play an eclectic mix of rock, the Wednesday show plays rock from the late 60's thru today, while the Thursday show does mostly hardcore alternative rock that pushes the boundaries of what is allowable on daytime radio. For the past few weeks though, when both of those shows come on, I have been preoccupied doing other things that requires radio silence. Which in turns makes me a grumpy person.

Friends, seeing me as a grump at work can be a truly traumatic experience for all involved. However, not all is lost. Because of the way the week is unfolding and the way I planned it out, I have a good chance of catching the Wednesday show in its entirety. Thursday's is a no go as I plan on taking that day off, partially to decompress and partially to gear up to work the following Saturday. Again.

Finally, I leave you with this mid 80's flashback gem from Wang Chung.

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I don't think this is a kumquat of a post. More like a fuzzy kiwi fruit, I'd say.

  2. Debra: I like kiwi, but maybe a fuzzy kumquat as a compromise perhaps?

  3. Yay!!! That's freaking awesome. 2,000 words!!

  4. I am so with you on the music truism.

  5. I like your taste in music.
    Do think about joining us for the Challenge. You can write posts ahead of time and schedule them. Takes a lot of pressure off.

  6. G.A.: Thanks. I find most true things always has some correlation with music.

    Alex: Thanks.

    Like I said, it's something to think about. I already pre-schedule most of my posts, but the problem right now is dual: time and topic. Between all of my blogs, I've churned out almost 1200 posts so it's becoming increasing difficult to come up with something fresh.


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