January 9, 2014

The Man, The Myth, The G.B.

Yeah, I bet you're confused by the post title. Well, have no fear, downing-the-bow-wow is here to explain it all to you (not to be confused by the early Melissa Joan Hart show "Clarissa Explains It All").

I have a co-worker who loves to come up with witty sayings to both explain where he works and my behavior. Among the many gems he has come up with (hey man, it's your world and the friendship's over?) over the years, the one above has resonated the most, simply because it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

So, having said that, we move on the crux of today's post: your need to know about me.

It's been an absolute killer month of January, in which nothing of real importance was completed.

Oh yeah, sure, we interviewed for a shot at two promotional openings at work, but sadly, I came in 3rd in a two horse race. Not that I'm complaining as the people who got it had just a little bit more pizazz than I did and are/were great coworkers, but it does make me pause for a moment as I now must contemplate my future. But, there are no sour grapes to be spilled here, as I rather not have a fine Chianti with my fava beans, but some Jose Cuervo with my bbq baked beans. Yum.

Moving on to the next topic of discussion, my writing, or rather, my complete lack thereof. How lax have I been? I finally completed two pages of chapter six of my latest project and it took me one month to write those two pages (technically, it was one month between the times I saved it to my flash drive as opposed to my floppy and my computer. 3 sources, no waiting). So yeah, one could say I've been extremely lax.

Why? A combination of yummy ingredients (yes, I'm now channeling my inner 20 something female because the next thing out of my mouth will be "that's so cute!") mixed together haphazardly has produced this particular highlight.

That's right, the human version of a chicken running around with its head chopped off. Between stress at work, stress at home, holidays, health, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc., we have been highly unmotivated to do any kind of writing. And, if you add in the fact that I'm doing a total rewrite of the story and every time I sit down at the computer, or open my notebook and try to remember how I'm re-writing the plot, then you got a guy who winds up doing everything except write

But.....this is a brand new year (for those of you who don't follow the Gregorian Calendar, this is 2014) so it would make sense that I should wipe the slate clean and start at square one. I should, shouldn't I? Perhaps when things calm down at work, then I'll be able to something in that magical realm that is called creativity.

Then again, maybe we'll just bypass the realm of creativity and traipse to the magical realm that is called long memory, because a long memory is something that a person of my age, caliber, sex and tolerance level should have.

This post has been brought to you today by the phrase "mercurial", because being mercurial is about the only way I can keep everyone off-balance until I can figure what direction I should eventually go in.

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Have you ever actually seen a chicken running around with its head cut off? It is not a pretty sight and it really does happen. One of the reasons my boys and girls are never butchered around here. They are family.

    You know your direction will come don't you?

  2. Only on a reality t.v. show called "Alaska Frontier", where they showed one of the homesteaders killing a few chickens for food.

    It will come eventually, that I am sure of. It's from where that has me confused.

  3. 3rd in a 2-horse race, :) never heard that before.

    Father Nature -- love it!!!! Why did I never think of that before? Because I'm a grrrrl, I guess.

    It's all good. Go in whatever direction you feel. There are no limits!


  4. Stress has its way of turning one's brain into burnt toast crumbs. Fortunately the brain will heal, given enough time. I think I'll be fully back on line in time for my 70th birthday. ;-)

  5. Jannie: I would use old time phrases like that to describe my lack of success at work quite often. Most people at work don't get it, which is fine and ducky.

    I wanted to keep the new blog in the same spirit as the old, hence "Father Nature's Corner."

    And yes, this is true that there isn't any limits, but some direction would be nice.

    S.R.: I've been in burnt toast crumbs since the latter half of 2013, so this is just a continuation.

    I may never be fully back on line, but it certainly will be an enjoyable ride along the way.


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