May 16, 2014

A C.M. Classic: Post #104

Time now, for the redundant portion of Father Nature's Corner, in which produce another post in the occasional series entitled "Cedar's Mountain's Classics" in which we take an old post from the original five year odessey that was my first blog and retool, revamp, regurgitate, reactivate and simply reanimate to something new and shallow.

Today, we rewrite classic post #104, A Blinding Case Of The Obvious, dated September 27, 2008. In that post, I was attempting to answer the challenge of writing a frivolous post. For those who have known me the longest, or even the shortest, you know from past experiences that I'm just about 98% incapable of writing a simply frivolous post.

I'll write post that's in-depth, insightful, innocuous, involuntary, inauspicious, inedible and delightfully inaccurate. But frivolous? Not on your sweet bippy (if you have to ask, then you know nothing about pop culture from the late 60's).

Anywho, that post asked three of the simplest questions and one declaration that you'll come across, especially on Facebook. In this post, I'll ask the same three questions plus the declaration., only with a new twist.

1} In the original post, I had asked what person, real or fictional, would you use to describe your typical day. My answer was Brad, Steve Dallas and Winnie the Pooh. Today's question would be, what person would you like to pattern your day after? My answer would be the ultimate fixer-upper Ray Donovan. To him, while sometimes the ends justifies the means, the ultimate goal is to live another day and yet be respected across a cross section of the community.

2} The 2nd question was about relationships, personal and otherwise. The original question was about issues in having both parts the world (family and non-family) gel. I basically gave a non-answer the first time around, but this time around, since I find that question to be rather ambiguous, I'll go with this instead: Do you have friends/acquaintances and/or family who can talk the talk, but instead of walking the walk, they crawl the crawl? Like, when it comes time to man up and drive it home, it goes flaccid and dies at the entrance.

3} The 3rd question was basically, ever had things that made you go "hmmm...."? In today's world, every little stupid infinitesimal thing at work has made me go "hmmm..." Actually, it has made me go more than "hmmm..." but this is a PG-13 blog ya know...

4} The declaration back then was a small snippet from my chapbook Betrayed! that I was currently working on at the time. This time around, I have no snippet to speak of, because if I did post a snippet from my current WIP, I would be in seriously waist deep doogie doo-doo.

Instead, I'll post a video from the band that my brother took me to see last month at Infinity Music Hall in beautiful Norfolk, Connecticut. Hope you have a good Friday, and if you can, take a crack at answering one of my questions posted.

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I love that sweet bippy so much I used in on Facebook. I wonder how many people would get that. Flivolous is the word I should've focused on, but you know me... ;)

  2. Ah! I think that was before I discovered your blog, no? I owe you a bunch of emails, and will soon.

  3. Scarlet: I didn't watch the show while growing up (only 48) but I enjoyed both watching re-runs of it throughout the decade. "Frivolous" is a fun word to use and I remember it first being used in an episode of MASH.

    M: Yes it was. :D

    And I'm looking forward to them. I know when the real world calls, you must answer.

  4. Did not watch any show with bippy in it. LOVED M.A.S.H.


  5. Jannie: My dearest young lady, most people never really watched Laugh-In, although some of the catch phrases uttered have made it into the everyday lexicon.

    MASH is very cool. :D

  6. Hello George; Thanks for contacting me earlier and sorry you've had so much trouble trying to comment on The Doglady's Den. Wordpress and Blogger are very different platforms, but hopefully, we can straighten it out. ☺ Love your idea of re-tooling old posts. I do that too sometimes. Cheers!

  7. Debbie: Thanks for stopping by.

    I actually started doing this on my previous blog as a way to help me fill up some vacant blog space, but now it's a tool to practice different styles/voices.


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