April 12, 2014

K Is For Knuckling Down

I have always been a pro's pro when comes to procrastination.

Whether it has to deal with blogging (yeah, baby), writing a story (awesome, baby), writing a scene (smokin', baby), writing a query letter (let's swing it, baby), synopsis (baaaaaaaaby), or even a hook for the query letter (yo, baby), I've always procrastinating to the point of know return.

For example, when I was trying to write a synopsis for my debut novel, it took me almost two months to write it. First there was research on various writer's websites (i.e. Query Tracker) on how to write a synopsis and what it should contain and how long it should be. Then there was reading a few samples of synopsis on what they should look like. Finally, after about three weeks of serious procrastination, I finally sat my butt down and hammered out a first draft. Then another couple of weeks went by, and after getting some advice, chopped it down from 8 pages to 6, then from 6 to 4, and finally from 4 to the general neighborhood of three.

Even though that was an extreme example of procrastination, I've always had problems in knuckling down. Ever since I was teenager in school, I always had an abnormal fear of failure. So for the longest time, I wouldn't see things all the way through because I couldn't stand what the potential end result would be. Even as an adult, when I decided to start doing this writing thing, I had a major problem in dealing with rejection. So for three years, I procrastinated big time and didn't submit much of anything to anyone.

It really wasn't until 2009, when I decided to get serious about my writing that I needed to stop procrastinating, and in the immortal words of Larry the Cable Guy, get-R-dun.

So from early 2009 to the present, even when there are days when I would rather shove a magnet under my hard drive and floppy discs and just be done with it, I make it a point to do some kind of writing/blogging. Whether it's something simple as applying a couple of edits to my latest WIP, or something complex as writing an intelligent blog post, I make it a point to write at least three times a week.

And for the most part, this has worked for me as I no long procrastinate with my writing/blogging. Instead, I now have issues involving time. Specially, finding the time to write/blog. But that is a subject for another time (eh?) and another place.

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  1. Oh wow, you really hit me with your best shot this morning. It is the most difficult thing to do when putting off til tomorrow is so much easier:)

  2. G.A.: This is so true and I'm glad that at least once a quarter, I can do Pat Benatar.

    Debra: Sometimes I channel my inner Bob & Doug.

  3. I should be knuckling down right now but I'm visiting blogs instead.

  4. It sounds like you are doing research rather than procrastinating.

  5. You have friends in your quest GB! I too an afflicted. Somehow it catches up too soon. Writing everyday is taking its toll. But the alternative is to soldier on! Nicely!


  6. I have this great thing called Work Ethic which beats the hell out of you to do everything else except your creative work - cos it's not really work is it?! Every week I make a plan for my creative practice in the coming week and every week I get to the weekend with nothing much done.
    So it's great to read someone who's actually got around that procrastination bug and made a proper plan that's working ... Thanks for the inspiration.
    Fil at Fil’s Place - Old Songs and Memories

  7. Susan: Thanks for stopping by.

    I've been going through the same thing as well, although now it's spring calling me as opposed to playing catch up with all my blogs.

    Hank: Thanks for stopping by.

    It's great to have friends on a quest, that way I have people to talk to along the way.:

    Fil: Thanks for stopping by.

    I'm pretty much the same way. For example, yesterday the weather was fantastic for early spring, so I was going to sit outside to do a little writing. Did I get any done? 'Course not. I enjoyed the weather more than I did the writing.

  8. Bob and Doug Mackenzie reference! Canadians represent! *fist pump*

    I don't have much of a procrastination problem. I'm too anxious about not getting things done to leave them to the last minute, eh?

  9. S.R.: I only suffer procrastination when 1} there's something that I need to do but not looking forward to it (like my writing) or 2} when it's something I really don't want to do (like certain aspects of my job).

  10. Actually sitting down to write is the only way to get it done. Good attitude.

  11. J.L.: Thanks for stopping by.

    Yes, and having a good comfortable place to write helps as well.


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