March 7, 2014

A C. M. Classic: Post #860

Today's post is another in the series Cedar Mountain's Classics, in which I take an old post and try to put a new twist on it. For those who were here last month, I did a nifty whimsy/stream of consciousness post on wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. The C.M. Classic for today is entitled Blogging On The Fly, and this one will be extremely tough to beat. Why? Whereas the previous one was a beautiful piece of whimsy based on a semi-serious post, the post that I'm attempting to update is already a beautiful piece of whimsy to begin with. If you don't believe me, just click on the link to check it out.


How in the world do I do what I do when I do how I do why I do who I doobie doobie doobie.....hmmm....good stuff....

Gotta cereal up really, I do have to pour a bowl of cereal...'course, I eats my cereal sans milk....cow by-product is just plain nasty....

The preceding sentence was brought to you today as an example of how I write whimsy. In that example, the whimsy is so-so, mostly because I really wasn't in the mood to write whimsy. Just like some people have to be in the right frame of mind to do something that they're good at, like writing a murder mystery or crime noir, I usually have to be in the right mood to write whimsy.

I know it sounds weird, but it's true. Whimsy isn't something that I can just simply turn on with a flick of the switch and churn out something that will leave everyone with a smile (I said smile, not simile) on their face. I have to be properly motivated/inspired/wickedly bored to write whimsy.

Properly motivated means, "Holy cow! I need to write something for tomorrow's scheduled post otherwise people might call me a punk!"

Inspired means, "Yes! I can use that for a post!" (I say this after I hear something very unusual. A good example is this NC17-rated post based on the phrase, stuffing envelopes).

Wickedly bored means that I had run out of stuff to do at my job, so in order to stay out of trouble, we would write nifty little stories like this (not NC-17, but a very clean PG-13).

So you see, writing whimsy is actually very hard work. After all, you can't force creativity in action, you have to let it marinate and simmer in its own juices first, then whip out some tangy bbq sauce or some kick ass hot sauce (like this), throw a couple of baked potatoes into the mix, some good old fashioned home brewskis, and a little music, and you got it made.

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Definitely get that. Creativity is hard to put down into the right words sometimes.

  2. YOU'RE A PUNK. ;-)
    There, that wasn't so bad was it?

  3. S.R.: Thankee. I was beginning to think that somehow I wasn't one. :D


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