February 22, 2017

I Too Can So Write: 2/22/17

As per the norm, we have the requisite I Are Writer! post, which you really should check out. If you've always been curious on how I create, or this case re-create, characters, then this Tumblr post is for you. Additionally, it ties with my latest project The Friendship Has Begun, which is currently sitting with a couple of beta readers.

In other writing related news, I managed to get a couple of my titles into a small-publisher's bookstore. The publisher is called Pipe & Thimble (located in Torrance CA) , and they are looking for indie authors and small-press authors for their upcoming bookstore. Details to be had on their website and their Facebook page. They accept all genres except erotica for consignment.

We finish off today's post with a very small rant. Unless your head has been in the sand or you've been in a medically induced coma for the past three months, people are off and running with a four year protest against the President. Whether domestic (people who voted for Clinton), nationally domestic (the Democrat toddlers) or international, there has been no escaping the temper tantrums.

As much as I've been able to dodge some more putrid verbiage polluting my FB newsfeed, I finally cried uncle this weekend. With some glee, I unfollowed a couple of author pages and unfollowed a couple of friends (not unfriended). I just couldn't take any more of the collective stupid that was spewing out everyone's mouth.

I get and understand that some of you are upset. But there is wrong way and a right way to show your displeasure. Believe or not, there are some celebs/writers out there that I still follow even though they have strong anti-Trump feelings. Why? Because they temper those feelings with a good double dose of common sense & humor.

I leave you with a question that I may start asking pretty soon on my FB wanderings, just to see what kind of response I can get.

"Trump has been office for about a month. How has his executive orders personally affected you or your family? Not other people that you feel it's your sworn duty to get hysterically outraged over, but you personally."

And no, I don't troll. I'm just a singular voice of reason swimming against the strong tide of factoids and biased news coverage.

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  1. Good question!
    Glad I'm not on Facebook. I see enough of the whining elsewhere. It's over, folks. Get over it and move on.

    1. It's getting harder to stay on FB these days w/o going off the deep end. The main thing for me is that the national scene doesn't affect me as much as the local scene does. At least on the local, the whining is kept to a bare minimum.

  2. I liked your answer to my post. Thanks for that. Honesty is a trait I value a great deal. I agree with much of your argument.

    I am not affected by Trump directly but I am indirectly. I think he's actually been worse than I thought.

    Greetings from London.

    1. You're very welcome. I must admit, your posts really do make a person think, which is a refreshing change of pace.

      I haven't been affected either way, and just like with Obama 8 years ago, I'm holding my tongue for the next six months or so just see how things fall out. I may be a moderate with my political views, but I still judge on results, not maybes.

  3. I will just repeat what I put on my ABOUT ME on my blog in 2005. "I avoid the news. I have turned off my political upheaval. My days of political activism are supposed to be over. My hands have been thrown up in surrender and I try to be the best wife, mom, grandma, sibling and chicken farmer that I can be. I am alive, I am alive by God's grace, I am living in God's care."

    1. A very good philosophy to follow.

      For me, national politics rarely hit this blog, or even on FB for that matter. I stick with local politics because that affects me the most, both as a worker (state worker) and as a taxpayer.

  4. Congratulations on the bookstore "deal". Hope that works out for you and for them.

    I surely understand what you've been seeing on FB and how you feel about it. Since I don't spend much time on FB I don't see a lot of those negative political posts and if I do I usually mostly ignore them and just scroll past. So far I haven't silenced any of those "friends", but they are certainly registering on my radar of who's who who believes in what way. Those folks have lost a lot of credibility, and in some cases respect, in my eyes.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thanks. I hope it works out for me as well.

      It's a very sad commentary that I had to silence so many friends, as well as unliking a few pages. I don't mind the politics, but the perpetual jackhammering going on now for about three solid months is really getting on my last nerves.

      What bothers me the most are the writers who don't know when to simply shut the mouth and throw away the key. I'm friends with some who know when to say when, but it's those whose pages that I liked who don't know when to simply stop alienating potential readers of their books.

  5. Congrats on the bookstore deal! We have ours stocked in a few indie bookstores around here, and it's crazy how many those can sell. Hipsters love indie books.

    And I too have unfollowed so many people on FB. My stance is this: I am willing to give Trump a chance, and I'm also willing to criticize him if he does something that I deem wrong. But when I criticize him, it's going to be with actual facts, not with fake news garbage about how he's a racist Hitler that's trying to put Muslims and Mexicans in concentration camps. None of that is real.

    1. Thanks. It was by pure accident that I came across this particular bookstore. I saw a blurb on one of the half dozen writing group pages I follow so I decided to check it out. They accept any genre save erotica, which knocks out half my titles. Hopefully though, it will turn into something longer than one year.

      Re: Trump.

      I too am willing to give him a chance. I didn't vote for him because I didn't think he was right for the job, but we shall see.

      I'm just someone who is swimming against the tide of the overly hysterical toddlers that have been going at it for the better part of a year.


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