November 16, 2016

Political Toddlerism 101

As most of you know, I rarely touch base on the national political scene, simply because the national scene doesn't affect me as much as the local/state scene does. But....with vitriol from both the left and the far left in regards to the Presidential election reaching heights of stupid not seen since Gore v. Bush, I thought I would add my five cents to the discussion.

Two days after the election, after I had gotten extremely fed up with all the whininess erupting from my Facebook newsfeed, Facebook pagefeed (pages that websites/businesses have on Facebook) and the blog world, I wrote a post on my wall. Now, on the average, I usually write roughly two-three updates per week on my private (aka personal) wall and two updates on my public (aka author's page) wall.

This is what I wrote:

So. Those who reside in the land of rose-colored glasses are throwing monumental hissy fits 'cause they got their panties so tightly wound that their eyes are popping.

People, people, people, it's your fault that your candidate lost. Did your candidate do her job by getting everyone out to vote? Was she in touch with EVERYONE or did she simply concentrate on her base? Most importantly, did you not know the old adage that whatever demeaning/insulting/belittling comments you say to others about who they support will always come back to bite you in your collective buttocks?
And before you hammer me for being a supporter of D.T., I voted Libertarian. Everyone had a hand in this. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. So man up and take your punishment like the adult you claim to be instead of the toddler you're portraying yourself to be.

Let me tell you, the hissy fits that people threw/are throwing truly boggle the mind. I have friends going off the deep end about how HC won the popular vote but DT won the electoral college vote. I have seen a well-respected blogger from the U.K. decide that he was going to close his blog 'cause DT won the election (seriously) and he was emotionally drained from it (my words). My 15 1/2 year old daughter, who I treasure deeply, went off the deep end because DT got elected. I have co-workers (mostly black) go off the deep end.

I understand that the entire world (except the DJIA) is upset over this. But, remember this, your candidate's party (and the media) didn't do all it could do to get people to vote for her. I certainly didn't vote for her. I didn't vote for him either (except in the primary). But, unlike the well-educated & the millennials who sponge off mommy & daddy, I've seen first hand the national destructive economic policies being applied on the state level. I've seen how I've been demonized by the ruling Democratic guv'nor because the state is bleeding red ink. I've seen the current administration drive business out of state (General Electric to Massachusetts and Aetna probably to Kentucky next year) due to punitive business taxes.

I have seen my Democratic guv'nor, in the past 8 years, when he doesn't get his way, cut spending to social services. You know, the social services that all left and far left scream about as being untouchable for the poor. He has sliced spending at a social services agency that is facing two federal lawsuits for not meeting deadlines in a timeline manner.

So please, do not sit here and tell me that the Democratic party is good and the Republican party is bad.

I leave everyone here some food for thought: for those of you who think that the Democratic party is inclusive to all types of people, who was it exactly that was in power in the South for the first 6 decades of the 20th century that created all those Jim Crow laws? And pumped blatant segregation up the wazoo and made it a way of life for everyone in the South?

Most importantly, who didn't want to end slavery nor give everyone the right to vote?

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  1. Good points.
    I just want the rants of hate to stop. It doesn't do anyone any good.

    1. Thanks.

      The rants are really getting out of control. Locally it's a mess, with Yale holding a sit-out that was live-streamed by the local t.v. station.

  2. Over here the rants still haven't stopped since the Brexit vote - a similar upheaval and mess in the making in my view - but we'll have to listen to it for at least another 2 years until it all happens, whereas at least people will get on with things once DT is in office. Now all eyes are will turn to the French presidential election to see if Marine le Pen has the possibilities of causing a similar upset ... The most upsetting thing is the awful barefaced rise in racism that our vote has released - and I agree with you - the complacency of the politicians who sat back and thought this couldn't happen so we don't need to do anything about it,should make people think about voting any of them in again ... (not sure if that makes sense .. lol)

    1. I read about that person in France this afternoon on a local news website, and it doesn't surprise me. It seems like the backlash that's heating up in the US has really come full throttle there in Europe.

      There was a lot of complacency on both sides of the aisle here and they no one to blame but themselves.

  3. I am sick of all the whining. Even the safety pins suit the wearers because they look like diaper pins for crying babies. I did not vote for HC and I did not vote for DT. I voted for Johnson just so I could go to the polls and vote for the other candidates and issues. Now it is done and "silence is (would be) golden".

    1. Yeah, the whining has been unbelievable these days. It has gone down a little, at least in my FB newsfeed, so life there has been less annoying.

      I too voted for Johnson because I couldn't bring myself for DT and would not vote for HC.

  4. Good points, George. The thing I found most disturbing was that over 46% of U.S. citizens didn't bother to vote at all!

    1. And more disturbing is that a good percentage of those who didn't vote are the ones showing up at the protests.

      I say, if you can't be bothered to vote, then you really have no right to get your panties in a bunch.


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