June 29, 2016

The Untitled Post

Continuing on a non-thematic blog post of the visual kind that was originally touched upon last week, this week is pretty much the same: lots of work stress; preoccupied with gathering bits, pieces and parts for a well deserved break from reality; and no idea whatsoever for a blog post this week.


Oh yeah, sure, I have a fresh post up at I Are Writer! that continues the info dump for THE UNKNOWN NOVELLA. But that was sort of easy to write. This post, however, was not. This was originally written two days prior to posting, which is directly due to the fact that I'd received shot the 3rd (out of four I believe) in the eye Tuesday afternoon. Which pretty much means that I can't see diddly-squat for the rest of the day (BRIGHT LIGHTS! MY EYES!!!!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!). Which also means that I'm pretty much bored out of mind for the rest of the day as well.

Which also means that I'm almost at a lost for words. Which is unusual, but not unexpected. I'm starting to find it harder, yet again, to write new material for this blog. Could this be the end of this latest blogging incarnation of G.B. Miller? I certainly hope not, 'cause I've invested just a shade over 9 years of my life blogging for the masses.

I thought it would be easier to deal with blogging just twice a week (once here and once on Tumblr), but after a moderate spike in getting my 4th wind, things have once again slid downhill and leveled out. I don't believe I'm suffering from blogging burnout, but probably more like life burnout. No depression or anything like that, just simply suffering from long term half-life/half-work burnout.

Since a slight break from reality and the 'Net is needed to decompress and recharge the batteries, a slight break is what I will take. Tune in next week to read something truly unique. As for this post, comments are off. Which is a rarity in and of itself, because as you know, even when I'm taking a break, I still take the time to publish everyone's thoughtful comments. But a complete break from the 'Net is also a rarity too.

Catch you on the flipside next Wednesday.

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