May 25, 2016

Life Is Like The Shiny Red Button That You're Not Supposed To Press

By the time you read this post, I'll be chest deep in a three day plus binge of work related blackness, so while crankiness may not be a virtue or an excuse, I will apologize for any snarkiness that may emulate from my fingertips in the coming days elsewhere.

As per the norm, the latest episode of I Are Writer! is now available for you to peruse. And as per the norm, the upcoming snippet is expounded upon in greater detail at that blog. I have finally started the process of getting my short story anthology published, and at the same time, put my current project on the shelf and took out the manuscript that I want to get published next year to work on.

In regards to the 1st paragraph, a brief summation is required. I'd mentioned in early April that our state was hit with a slew of layoffs (current tally for FY '15/'16, 900 and counting). Contractually, most of those who were laid off get six weeks of pay, which finishes up this coming Monday thru Wednesday. Having suffered directly from being laid off in '03, I am now suffering indirectly thirteen years later. Which means I'm the one who has to process roughly 75+ monetary payouts this coming week.

So tell me again in excruciating detail, how are the Democrats the party of the working people and the Republicans are not?

On a happier note, I decided to borrow an idea from fellow blogger from Alex Cavanaugh. He also publishes roughly once week, but in his posts he touches upon anywhere from three to seven different topics at once. Sort of like a good buffet selection one might say. So I thought I would make a good attempt at doing the exact same thing.

Thus, some parental posturing is in order. Late last week, my wonderful daughter Jenelle was invited to a breakfast that the high school was giving to all students who had made high honors this year. She has made high honors for 3 consecutive quarters this year. Kudos to her!

Also, I thought I would start sharing a few c.d.'s from my vast collection of c.d.'s with everyone each week. Brief synopsis: I started expanding my collection about two years ago when my public library started offering used c.d.'s for sale. My public library holds two monster book/c.d./dvd sales each year, and whatever is left, is put on sale near the checkout desk. Most of the c.d.'s are $1, with a few being $2 and some boxed c.d.s @ $4. Every time I visit the library, which is at least 4 times per month, I walk out with anywhere from 5 to 10 c.d.'s. My collection now stands at roughly 500 c.d.s, give or take, with a ratio of 85% used to 15% new. Oh and, I've probably listened to about 45% so far. But basically, it allows me to expand my musical horizons with minimal financial outlay.

Weezer by Weezer. This one I bought new, mostly because of this video. Had a lot of hits off this c.d.: Buddy Holly; Undone-The Sweater Song; Say It Ain't So; In The Garage, which of course is a death knell for any debut c.d. for an artist. They haven't been the same since, with the occasional alternative radio hit for the next 22 years. This c.d. usually gets heavy airplay in my car.

The Traveling Wilburys, Vol 3 by The Traveling Wilburys. I bought this one used for a $1 from my library. I'd thoroughly enjoyed the 1st (bought semi-new on Amazon) and decided to get this one to complete my supergroup collection. Have not had the opportunity to listen to it yet. Both volumes are collector's items, since two of the original five have passed away.

Throwing Copper by Live. This one I bought at a agency tag sale for a couple of bucks. I liked a lot of the radio hits from this c.d. (I Alone, Lightning Crashes, All Over You) but overall, the c.d. rocks pretty good. There are two songs on the c.d. that due to content, got zero and minimal airplay. One is called Sh!t Town and the other is called White, Discussion. The former got zero (obviously), the latter got some airplay, but after commercial radio caught on to the lyrical content (a bit advanced for the 90's), it was quietly dropped from the rotation.

And finally, this coming Friday, I will be celebrating the 51st edition of being alive. Enjoy!

(c) 2016 BOOKS BY G.B. MILLER. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Happy birthday early!
    Do you have to deal with seventy-five unhappy campers or just their money?
    Big congratulations to your daughter. Three years in a row is impressive.
    I think I got my fill at this buffet...

    1. Thankee.

      Just their money, although I did have some phone contact with about a dozen very unhappy campers in the past six weeks. Not a pleasant way to spend six weeks.

      Thanks, although it was 3 quarters in a row. But three years might work if you count middle skool into the mix.

  2. Replies
    1. They were pretty good, but I think they hit their apex with this c.d.

  3. Woohoo! Go Jenelle! That girl has a bright future ahead of her.
    I love library sales. I get sucked into buying more books than I can read in a year, but it's so much fun, and super-cheap!

    1. I've only bought books a couple of times, but when I did, it actually got me hooked on a writer who wrote Sherlock Holmes mysteries. So it was kind of a win-win for me.

  4. Happy birthday - a bit late - hope it was a good one!

    Good job to your daughter - I know you are proud. Love her big smile.

    I like Weezer. CDs - oh my - I have tons, too, but not as many as you. A few years ago, I got rid of the plastic cases and put them in one of those zip up binders. The only problem with that is that out of sight, out of mind thing. :)

    1. Thankee. It was a very good one for a change. That's one way to put c.d.'s to go use. :D


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