November 20, 2015

Hold It Now


I had a post all set to go, but after thinking about, it didn't even reach the minimum standards of a lazy high school student (party, party) let alone mine, so instead, I sent it to draft post purgatory, where it will stay for the next several days/weeks/months/etc.

At the plate, we have a pinch hitter. In the on deck circle will be our brand spanking new post sometime later this afternoon after I get home from work (half day today. be jealous, be envious, but most importantly, get a job with a flex schedule like mine).

So, this mornings pinch hitter will feature what I'm doing on my public Facebook page these days: random photo.




Talk amongst yourself and if you so desire, leave a thought about the pictures, especially if you don't like winter or perhaps, politics.

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  1. Yep- good pics you have lately! Birds on the wire- What are they squawking about?

    1. I think it was simply a mass discussion of some kind. We get a ton o' blackbirds/ravens this time of year (Newington seems to be a major stopping point during migration) and the noise can often be deafening.

  2. I hope that was an old snowstorm. It's too early in the winter for that much snow right now! (Or at least that's the argument that I'm submitting to the weather gods.)

    1. Yes, it was from a couple of years ago. So far, we've haven't had any snow (knock on wood). Temps are still in the 40's & 50's here in CT.

  3. Replies
    1. Yuppers...and she's almost as tall as me.


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