October 7, 2015

IWSG #14: It's A Boxcar Plus Snake Eyes!

Yes, I know the post title really doesn't make sense, but it's been a losing battle for most of this year to have my titles actually connect with the content. I'm a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad putty tat.

Or tweety bird, you decide.

In any event, here's the ever poplar tree opening for our monthly support group that doesn't feature either Dr. Bob Hartley or Lucy Van Pelt as the moderator (five cents please).

The first Wednesday of the month is set aside for insecure writers across the blog-o-sphere to share all of our individual experiences, the gud, the baaaaaad and the plug ugly.  

The other day, or was it last month? No, I'm pretty sure it was the other day. The other day, I mentioned my insecurities about publishing my books on Kindle, in that I didn't want to inadvertently get sucked into exclusivity.

I'm happy to say that didn't happen, for my two books:

are now available for your Kindle. That's right, for those of you who relish the thought of buying everything on one wholesome (ha!) website, you can now pick up Kindle editions of my latest latest literary creations. Clicking on my Amazon page will take you right to them. Or, if you enjoy doing things the less easier way, you can plug the titles into the search bar.

So that, my friends, really isn't an insecurity for the month of October, now is it?

Hmmmmm.....what to do, what to do, what to do (yeah, way too much poppyseed culture floating in my head these days)? I got it! Wait, no I don't. I guess I don't have any insecurities for the month of October. Very strange indeed. But I will try my very best to make up for it next month! I promise!

Wait! There's more (more?)! Yes, for your amusement, here are the poppyseed culture references that were used as source material today.

1} The game of craps;
2} Mel Blanc;
3} The Bob Newhart Show;
4} Peanuts;
5} Robin Hood: Men In Tights;
6} This very strange song.

(c) 2015 BOOKS BY G.B. MILLER. All Rights Reserved.


  1. No insecurities is good! Glad you broke the Amazon barrier.

    1. For this month, no insecurities is a very good thing! Thanks!

  2. I figure overcoming a previous insecurity is a perfectly valid thing to post about on IWSG day. Congrats on getting out there on Kindle.

  3. a Weird title. I like weird for stories.

    1. I have disconnect with that as well. Like "Red Stripe" which is a beer, as a title for a story about a punk rock singer.

      But, weird is good.

  4. I definItely need a kindle at some point. Bux first always helps!
    Weird song!

    1. I don't have a Kindle, but I was able to download the program to my computer so that I could proof my books.

      Very weird song. First heard it on Dr. Demento back in the 80's and got the song on vinyl as well.

  5. Replies
    1. Then you'll love the new live action move coming out this year. It's supposed to be really good.


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