July 4, 2015


Yesterday, that would be 7/3 for those of you who are reading this after July 4th, I decided to do a little bike riding as a proper way to kick off my long July 4th holiday weekend (includes a vacation day on July 6th). Normally, this is something I don't really touch upon on my blog anymore, mostly because it's a mundane part of my life that I'm forcing myself to do because I's tuning into a seriously F&B kind of guy.

Anywho, the intent was to ride to the bank and the post office. No big thing, as most of you are probably saying to yourself 'cause you've heard me talk about me running my errands the old fashioned way a lot. However, due to some seriously bad customer service experienced on consecutive Saturdays at my local branch (1st was dealing with a newbie who didn't know how to do money orders and shuffled me off to another clerk who was just starting a passport. On the average, if you have all the proper paperwork and you're doing just one, it takes about 35 minutes; 2nd was being 5th in line as the only clerks on duty, of which there two, were doing passports), I now go to a local branch near me in the next town, which turns out to be a roughly a 5 mile round trip (my house to bank in downtown Newington to post office in West Hartford and home).

Like I said, the intent was to do that particular errand via bicycle. However, @ approximately 10:30a, the Webster Bank computer systems crashed rather spectacularly statewide. So back home we went to fetch our car to run our errands, which were ultimately successful (gots money for the long weekend) and pulled into our driveway @ about 1p.

We decided to ride our bike to our local post office to mail our bills and to take a side trip. After christening the 2015 bicycle riding season by almost getting hit by an elderly driver pulling out the parking lot (his bumper actually touched my back tire when he finally stopped), we took off towards Mill Pond Park to check things out and take some pics.

That's right, pictures.

I brought my digital camera along and took a mountain of photos, most of which I'll try to work into either this blog or my picture blog over the coming weeks. Not only did I take pics at the park, like this one:

But I also took a load of pics in my back yard, like this:

However, it's not those two that I'm soliciting your 25 cents on, which is always welcomed, but these two.

I'm looking to update the header for my blog, and I can't decide between the two finalists (I took about eight, four during the morning, when it was still shady in the backyard, and four during the late afternoon). So what better way to make a decision than to have someone else do it for you. Cast your vote in the comments for either the top picture or the bottom picture. The one that gets the most votes become this blog's new header. The losing pic becomes the header for Cedar's Mountain.

(c) 2015 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Mary, Mary, quite contrary... I like the bottom one. :-)

  2. Definitely the top. Centered is better, and the faraway shot gives a better glance of everything.

  3. I vote for the last one with the statues and flowers, but I like a bit of color.

  4. It seems you've used the top one! Ha. Anyway, I agree that looks a better composition.

    1. Yes I did. You got a jump on everyone else, as I'm unveiling my choice later this morning. :D


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