February 23, 2015

When Ya Gotta Pimp, It Better Be Eye Candy Personified

Time now for the pimping...um...marketing segment of Father's Nature Corner, because after all, talking about my writing is one of the three original tenets of my blogging career, with the other two being my acerbic/mellow wit and something else that momentarily escapes my snow hazy (got socked with bi-weekly snowstorms since January 1st) memory.

Over this past weekend that featured several inches of non-soft fluffy white stuff, I received a very small order (like 5) of print copies of my latest novel, which are available for roughly 30% off the Amazon cover price for the wickedly low price of $7.50 plus tax.

Additionally, I have available for purchase, the original version of the same novel, also at the same ridiculously low price of $7.50 plus tax.

And as an added bonus if you act now or in the future, I will throw in absolutely-positively-no-silly-strings-attached-free-as-a-wind-swell-on-a-beach, a copy of my short story trilogy Broken Promises, available from Smashwords in all major formats.

All the details and samples that you can possible want/need/crave/must have can be had at Books By G.B. Miller:

To purchase a copy of the aforementioned books click on this link.

To sample the book before buying, click on this Smashwords link.

To read the synopsis, click on this link. Please note that the link redirects to my adult blog.

And finally, if you want to check out the Amazon reviews for Line 21, you can click on the Amazon link.

Finally, I take both plastique (PayPal), money orders and if you're really adventurous, that funky green stuff with the pictures of famous dead people.

(c) 2015 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved


  1. Big pimpin! I just started reading this (been a busy month) and my cohort will read it soon after.

    1. Thank you kind sirs, I do hope you find it to your liking.

  2. Cash? What on Earth is that?
    Already have the eBook versions.

    1. I think it's that weird paper/cloth stuff that empires have been built with and lost with.

      And I thank you for your support, it's been most helpful. :D

  3. Blogger announced recently this week beginning on the Feb 23- Not allowing some adult content n they'll turn blogs private, n must have invited only guests- Just wondering if it will effect that. Maybe you'll have to re-invite for your adult blog?

    1. Actually, it goes into effect March 23rd, and I'll be writing about it tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that book covers will be exempt as they're talking about the kind of stuff you see/read in Playboy/Penthouse/hardcore XXX mags/films.

  4. Congratulations!! I think I have everything, no?


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