December 1, 2014

Yes, Stupid Things Can Happen When You're Bored

By now, most of you have had your blog's comment section butchered by Boycott Guy (for lack of a better name) with his rants about American women. And I'm sure that none of you sensible people have even remotely thought about scoping out his website. Well my friends, have no fear, G.B. has decided to do what all you sensible people have chosen not to do: He scoped out that website.

I popped in the URL and IE11 immediately took me to Yahoo search (if put in a URL that doesn't exist or if I misspell a URL, it automatically redirects me to Yahoo.), which brought up an entire page of cached pages for that website. It even gave me a cached copy of his dearly departed Blogger Blog, as well as a cached copy of a WordPress blog that he had set up as well.

To save you the time and trouble, just because I'm that type of guy, here is a brief summarization of his blog.

This blog was alive from 2010 thru the summer of 2012; it has actually been shared on Google+ 19 times; the comment he leaves is verbatim from his blog description; his "posts" are quite articulate, much like the talking heads that bloviate on underground radio (and you know what kind of talking heads I'm implying here); and he managed to write roughly just under 300 posts before he was shut down.

I will give this person credit, no matter what the topic of the blog is, he has hit it. I scrolled through several pages and this guy has hit blogs ranging from agricultural to feminists to mommy blogs to historical society blogs and everything in between (and I mean everywhere in between. Bodybuilding? Family History? Nigeria?).

So while he is a certified nut, he seems to be a harmless nut. Just the same, stay vigilant and keep that unwholesome spam out of your blog and on your plate, where it belongs.

In summary, when you are bored, you can truly do pointless things to keep yourself amused. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find out why my local useless newspaper dropped Beetle Bailey.

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Odd that even though he's been shut down, he keeps reappearing with that same message.

  2. Alex: Dude definitely has a serious one track mind. His blog was pretty much the same way: minimal variation on a theme.

  3. Don't you wish you had that much free time? I'm guessing someone cut his dick off. I mean what else could get someone so far whacked out? No pun intended.

  4. You have answered a huge question that I never would have ventured to resolve. Good for you. Now I never have to click.

  5. M: It was simply unbelievable the amount of blogs/forums he had hit. I gave up after 8 pages, although I did make a comment on the agricultural one. Not sure if it's up as the owner moderates there.

    G.A.: Glad I could perform the PSA for ya. :D

  6. I had wondered about that guy's blog, but didn't want to go there - thanks for doing that for us, G.

    I kind of don't understand why his comments don't go to spam. And also why he has so much time on his hands. :)

  7. Lynn: Glad to be of service.

    I think once enough people start labeling his anon comments as spam, the system will automatically start shooting to the folder.

  8. Actually, this guy reminds me of my brother who got divorced n started dating Brazilian girls.
    This is SnaggleTooth using someone else's machine today, btw-

  9. Snaggle: Now that is a scary thought indeed. :D

  10. Oh, gosh, I feel so silly. All this time I thought I should take him seriously. I have been boycotting American women for years! (Doesn't make much difference to me, since I'm Canadian...) ;-)

  11. S.R.: By all means you should take him seriously. After all, most American men are incredibly "articulate", "handsome" and "pleasing to the eye."



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