November 3, 2014


A semi-short pointy post about nothing (funneling my inner Jerry Seinfeld, which in and of itself, is a very scary thing) today, since we're hip deep into the extended version of my work schedule (48 regular hours + 2 hours of OT) this week. For those of you who need a super short yet highly informative post, please wander over to the Tumblr version of Father Nature's Corner.

For those of you who can't stand the data suck up that Tumblr can inflict on a computer, I have this annoying little song that is guaranteed to stick in your brain for the rest of your Monday.

BTW, this is the B-side (Just Like) Starting Over.

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Moanday for sure. AKA as dragging my feet day, and is it Friday yet day.

  2. That's a pretty cool Tumblr you've got there. Us? We're still stuck in 2006 doing Blogger only. Maybe next year we'll get a Myspace.

  3. Not suckering me into listening to that song.
    Good luck with your heavy work week.

  4. Oh dear, my broadband cannot tolerate Tumblr but I certainly cannot take the alternative you offered either:-) Thanks anyway.

  5. Ms. Coltrin: Thanks for stopping by.

    I definitely agree with you about dragging the feet. I think my entire day was like that.

    ABFtS: I tried MySpace once. Lasted about 10 minutes and got rid of it when the founder of the company was foisted on me as a friend.

    I got a couple of blogs on Tumblr, mostly to avoid the CAPTCHA jail that Facebook has me in.

    Alex: What's wrong with the song, besides the fact that she sounds like she's having great sex at the end? :D

    G.A.: Mine can't really tolerate it much either as a lot of bloggers use the GIF photo option, which in turns sucks up an ungodly amount of space.

  6. HI G.B. - I can't seem to find a contact for you .... so I just wanted to let you know that I picked you as a winner of my CD giveaway :)
    Let me know your address - email me or FB me with the details and I'll get it off in the post to you asap.

  7. The title has me singing "Moanday Moanday...can't trust that day"

  8. Fil: That is fantastic news! I'm looking forward to listening to it! I'll contact you right away!

    Bearman: So very, very, true. :D

  9. Right! I have that in my head now, thank you.

  10. I thought about listening to it, but decided I didn't need anything stuck in my head today. :)


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