October 9, 2014


Huh? What? Where am I? Oh...yeah. Now I remember.


This is Bubbles along with her lovely owner Jenelle:

Bubbles is a very tiny ferret who can get into all kinds of mischief:

Which it turn exasperates her owner:

But, we like Bubbles, anyways, 'cause she just like getting into all kinds of trouble! Not like the 3 amigos, who just like relaxin'.


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  1. What do the other three think of Bubbles?

  2. Alex: They think she's the bomb. Most of the time they studiously ignore her, unless she gets out of her cage, then they bark their collective heads off until someone find her.

  3. Ferrets are alot of action- I was watching them at Petco this afternoon- a whole tank of them- Prob will all be gone in a week! Very popular critters.

    I've seen folks bring them to the beach too...
    Good luck with the find hunting! N to Janelle

  4. Debra: Yes she is. Jenelle made her harness out of purple duct tape, but she's so tiny that she was actually able to slip out of it.

    Snaggle: Yes they is. Lots of action followed by lots of sleeping. :D

  5. Those doggies look so comfortable. Can I come over to your place to sleep in a pile with them on your couch?

  6. Awwww! So cute! And how is Jenelle so old already?

  7. HOpe bubbles doesn't leave little brown bubbles all over the carpet

  8. M: I know, they grow up so fast. can't believe she's already approaching 14 next year.

    Bearman: She is very well trained and thus no bubbles on the hardwood floor.

  9. One MUST always know where Bubbles is lest he climb into a Tuba.


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