February 5, 2014

I Did Have A Little Something Up My Sleeve

Well.........I originally had something all planned/outlined out for a post today. In fact, I had the entire thing written inside my head. But, in quirky turn of events, I decided that to actually post my original post would do more harm than good (you can use your imagination on what I had written, simply by reading a few of the tags), so on the back burner it went.

If you're reading this post and you're from the states, then one of two things is happening or has happened to you. You either recently got slammed by Mother Nature throwin' a hissy fit, or you're getting spanked with whips and chains 'cause Mother Nature is severely ticked off at you.

In other words, you're either recovering from multiple freak snowstorms (if you're living in the Bible Belt) or you're becoming hip deep in the first of a triad of seriously nasty snowstorms (basically New England). For me, it is the latter as of the date of this post, we're getting socked with 4 to 10 inches of not so fluffy white stuff, which is followed by another nasty snowstorm going into the weekend and coming out of the weekend (that's Monday boys and girls) a potential Nor'easter.

Sucks to be living in Connecticut, and other places in New England as well.

Which basically leads us to our little itty bitty dilemma: namely, what to write.

Well, I could write about my writing, in which I completed two more chapters. Inspiration to get off my lazy ass to do this basically came from taking a much needed vacation day from work, while motivation came from my vast record collection, namely listening to some classic AC/DC and the one good album that Quiet Riot recorded. Right now, I have taken my usual break from writing (to refresh everyone's memory, my current routine is to write on the weekends) so that I can one, recharge my batteries again, and two, give some serious thought to a rather graphic sex scene that I need to write, and no, it's not being thrown in for you-know-what and giggles. I've learned that when I need to have sex in my story, it has to be germane to the story.

Or, I could write about work. Not what I really want to cover but can't (see opening paragraph for my non-explanation), but I could write about the continuing fall out that is related to opening paragraph. From time to time, whenever I read the writing on the wall at work, I have a tendency to tidy up my cubicle to the point of being sterile, aka no personal homey touches. This week we have decided to tidy up our cubicle one last time, mostly because I did read what has been written about me and partially as a motivational tool to better myself financially.

If things start to fall my way (hopefully) then my blogging and writing will be a bit sporadic for a while.

Speaking of sporadic, I have decided that for this coming April, I would participate in the 2014 A-Z Blogging Challenge (hence the big old green badge that you see there on the front page). I do have a theme in mind, and I'll start writing the posts for them within the coming weeks. Sadly, only 23 out of the 26 letters will cover the actual theme, with the remaining three covering non-theme items. I do hope that in April you will find the time to stick with me as I drive myself slug nutty with my blogging.

Finally, the other day I walked into the living to find my wife and mother watching the movie Dogma (although I didn't know it at the time) and I happened to make the comment, "Hey, it's Jay and Silent Bob!" My mother asked where did I know those characters from and I said that those were characters that Kevin Smith created when he first started doing movies. This of course led me to my major brain cramp of the day as I had a problem remembering the movie in which those characters debuted. Twenty minutes later, I had my answer, as one of the best movies that ever accurately portrayed what it's like to work in a convenience store and almost got a NC-17 rating for talking about masturbation, Clerks. I really need to find and watch this movie again as this movie is an absolute riot.

I leave you with this interesting tidbit. Here is a very short list, of which Kevin Smith is on, of directors who also appeared as actors in their own movies.

1} Kevin Smith, with his Silent Bob character.
2} Alfred Hitchcock, who made himself into an interesting subplot.
3} Quentin Tarantino, who appeared in at least four movies that he also directed/produced.

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I love Jay and Silent Bob too! Kevin Smith kicks ass.

  2. Welcome to my White NorthEast Nightmare...3 Days Off in a row already!

    I really like the old Movie with Robert Hays Airplane! every once in awhile for laughs. Got it Cheap on dvd at Walmart last year. Especially the "Stayin' Alive" Sat. Night Fever rip-off part- Just cracks me up- along with the "Looks like I picked the wrong time to stop snffing glue" Lloyd Bridges scene. We need these especially in snowstorms-But my power went out awhile too.

    Director List- Stephen King, Mel Brooks, M. Night Shyamalan appeared in their films too, as I remember. Prob more I don't remember.

    My Ginkgo Biloba supplement ran out this week n I'm name-recall impaired pretty bad until I can go get some if I ever get to errands with the over-shoveling heavy slush thing going on here...

  3. Debra: It was one of his best creations.

    Snaggle: Completely forgot about Mel Brooks. He's in almost all of his films. Didn't know about Stephen King though, and rarely watch any movies directed Shyamalan.

    Airplane is another movie with great memorable quotes as well.

  4. I have often considered the A-Z Challenge. Hum, thanks for the reminder. Probably just another year I will "consider" it again:) That has to be a tough challenge.

  5. G.A.: It definitely sounds like it is. I do have a specific theme picked out and have something for 23 of the 26 letters of the alphabet.


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