February 7, 2014

A C.M. Classic: Post #569

In the past 5 3/4 years, spanning 1,329 blog posts covering 6 blogs (one dead, three semi-dormant, one in deep hibernation and this one), not once have I ever been at a loss for words. I know, it's impossible to believe, but true. I have bloviated, pontificated, expounded, elaborated and irritated my way across the vast cyber space universe, seemingly unstoppable, unflappable, and uncola.

Until now.

Today's post, which is a new spin on this classic Cedar's Mountain post, has unbelievably left me slack jawed. Or nonplussed, whichever floats your boat. Or dinghy. Or slug nutty. Or truthfully, having no idea on how to put a new twist on wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

I suppose, if I think about it, I could go all Tim Allen from Santa Claus and go through an encyclopedia to find various languages in to wish every a Merry Christmas.

But, considering we're a month and a quarter past Christmas, Festivus, and Hanukkah, and already celebrated New Years, MLK, and Groundhog Day (now going Bill Murray would be a fun filled way to pass the time, wouldn't it?), with Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday (and President's Day, feh) just around the corner, weirdin' out by getting all Merry Merry (not to be confused with the gospel duo that imploded in spectacular fashion last year, Mary Mary) on everyone.

Or, or, or....or?

Or....I could list all those classically bad movies that feature either Christmas or Santa Claus in them. 'Cept that would require a boatload of research that I really don't have the time do right now, so the only movie I would list is Bad Santa (don't make me go there) featuring one of my favorite actors, Billy Bob Thornton.

Know what's even better?

I just wrote and you just read a post in which I ramble on about being at a loss for words, when in fact, I wrote 274 words about my loss for words.

Which, if you really think about it, fulfills the basic premise behind this series, which is to put a new twist (and not Kid Twist from Murder Inc.) on an old post.

(c) 2014 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Loving your style, G.B. Fellow A-Z nut hopping over to say hi. This is a blog I'll be following long after April--your wit is delicious.

  2. Even when you are at a loss for words you are never at a loss for words.

  3. Guile: Thank you for stopping by to comment and thank you for the compliment.

    Yes, sometimes I do get on a roll, especially when I'm writing/thinking on the fly. And this was one of good pieces of whimsy.

    G.A.: Thanks.

    I give credit for the fact that having spent almost 18 years working the public sector, I have mastered the art of doublespeak. :D

  4. Hey, GA is right! And that is really a talent.

  5. M: Thanks for the compliment.

    Sometimes when you got it, flaunt it.

  6. Ugh, I can't stand Bad Santa. On the other hand, my husband thinks it's the funniest thing since sliced bread, so I guess it can't be all bad.

  7. Saying nothing at all while still saying a lot - someone has a future job in politics!

  8. ABFtS: Politics scares me.

    But considering I currently work for the guv'ment and have dealt with the guv'ment while working in the private sector, I can honestly say that yeah, I should go into politics, preferably as a lobbyist.


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