April 23, 2015

Where's He?

He* has been busy getting annoyed with all sorts of things related to the computer and cyber space, and surprisingly enough, not getting annoyed with work, which is directly due to the fact that since He decided that phoning it in makes the work day that much less stressful.

*no religion is involved with this particular pronoun today

First item that He has gotten annoyed with, is not surprisingly, Microsoft and Microsoft tech support.

The other day, He decided to get some post cards made up of his upcoming novella, so He went to Vistaprint to get the job done. Funny thing happened though, when He went to the website, He discovered that He was unable to access it, as no matter what He tried, He got the following error message:

Please wait while page loads

Miffed, He left IE and moved over to Chrome, and still got the same error message. Seriously annoyed, He went to the forums for help, then called tech support for help. Tech support proceeded to talk about his problem in all kinds of possibilities, then said he would help him if He purchased a service plan for $150. He said that was too expensive, so he said that they had a cheaper one for $99. He said that was too expensive as well. Techie said, well, you could do a system restore, but that probably won't cure the problem. He bid tech support adieu and decided to use the household computer to get the job done.

The next day, and after spending some twenty minutes attempting to use the computer that was the SPAWN OF SATAN and having no luck whatsoever, either accessing Vistaprint or His e-mail or the picture that He sent to Himself, He was about to throw in the towel and go on a minor league rant, when He decided on a whim to try something a little different.

He clicked on the link "In Private Browsing" for Chrome and presto! He had access to the website and His e-mail. He then became a mighty fine happy camper indeed.

While all that aggravation was being inflicted on His poor psyche, He decided to proof the manuscript that He received back from the formatter, which ultimately took Him roughly thirty minutes to do.

And that's why He has not been seen in the blog world for the past week. He decided that since all the little things were just annoying the crap out of Him so much, that to inflict His annoyance on His friends would not be a good thing indeed. Which is why He's made less than five comments this week on your wonderful blogs.

However, all things considering and even though He has some plans for this weekend (writing, planting some lilacs that He bought the other day, and basically decompressing), He has decided to make an attempt at writing another post, this time in the 1st person, and not as the Omnipotent One.

Because quite frankly, being Omnipotent is a bit of a drag, and not very much an ego booster. Or an Eggo waffle for that matter.

(c) 2015 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Had something been switched in Chrome by accident? Glad you finally got through. And it didn't cost you anything.

    1. I'm not sure. The last time I'd visited Vistaprint was sometime last year, so I'm guessing they redesigned the website and somehow made incompatible with IE & Chrome the normal way.

      And yeah, spending zero dollars is a very good thing.

  2. The weekend's almost here! Do something fun and relaxing and just let all those annoyances go!

    1. I actually do have a plan for this weekend, but considering we have an unbelievably late April cold snap, I don't know if I can follow through on it. I want take a crack at doing some gardening this year and a little color to the yard.

  3. Sometimes you win, sometimes the world kicks your ass and then beats you with a billy club while you're down.

  4. This is what I go thru every day- but with blog comments which should be easy to load- repeated dialogues say "This page has become unresponsive," n must click wait over n again is so annoying. I need cc Cleaner on here, plus I am behind on windows updates, which take so much time it's do that n no blogging ,or don't update. Time n computer memory is so limiting. Welcome back, at least!

    1. I can definitely sympathize with you on that.

      Curious thing happened this past Saturday though. I have Frontier Communications for my internet here in CT (ATT&T sold out) and yesterday, they had a statewide crash of their servers for about 4 hours or so.

      Today, I decided to see if I could access Vistaprint through normal channels and not through private browsing. Lo and behold, I had access. Whatever it was that they had to do must've cleared all of the corrupted files and the like.

  5. Huh. I have never heard of "In Private Browsing". But if it worked, it must be a good thing.

    Vista print needs to do better with that website compatibility thing.

    1. Oh it definitely worked. Made things a little easier, that's for sure, as it allowed me to log in and upload a photo to my account.


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